The Brexit Guide- All You Need To Know About Brexit

The two major political parties of the Britain are debating over the Britain’s exit from the European Union. Even after the date of the exit is postponed, the people of the Britain remain divided over the fact that whether Brexit is beneficial for Britain or not. Theresa May, the Prime Minister, announced her decision to resign. She took this decision as she was unable to finalize a plan which convinced her party along with the coalition partners. The Parliament of the UK rejected the plan three times presented by Theresa May. Theresa May and the officials discussed and negotiated the three plans.

What is Brexit?

Bexit is the coinage of the words ‘Britain’ and ‘exit’. This word states the Britain leaving the membership of European Union. This exit will affect the relationship of trade, security and migration among European countries.

The people of Britain have been involved in the debates discussing the advantages & disadvantages of Britain’s membership with EU. Britain conducted its first referendum in the year 1975. And approximately 67 percent of the voters voted in favor of staying the member of what was then called the European Economic Community.

In the tear of 2013, the then Prime Minister David Cameron conducted a national referendum. This referendum decided the Britain’s membership with the European Union. He wanted the public’s opinion and wanted to settle the debates once and for all. However, Mr. Cameron was sure that people will vote in favor of Britain remaining a member of European Union.

But, the situation turned out to be different. On 23rd June, 2016, people voted in favor of Britain leaving the European Union. The major reason for this can be the political rage due to migration ofrefugees into the Britain. Approximately 52 percent of the voters voted for Brexit.

The breakdown of Votes

Majority of the voters in England and Wales voted in support of Brexit. Mostly people from rural areas and small towns supported the Brexit. This proportion of people overcame the majority support for membership with EU. People from London, Scotland and Northern Ireland supported Britain’s membership with the European Union.

It was observed that young people voted against the Brexit. Whereas, older people voted in support of it.

Why everyone is concerned regarding Brexit

The important export market for Britain is Europe. It is the biggest source of foreign investment for Britain. With the help of membership with European Union, Britain has secured the position of global financial center. With Brexit, many companies have decided to relocate their business out of the Britain. For example, the company Airbus has decided to relocate from Britain. Airbus employed approximately 14,000 people.

Many experts have predicted that the economy of the country will be affected. The effects can be even worse, depending upon the way Britain leaves the EU. Mrs. May stated that Brexit will end the free movement of good and people. It will also affect the immigration of people for work. This came as a victory for the people belonging to working class as they consider immigration as a threat to their jobs. But this was despairing for the young people, who wanted to study or work abroad.

What is delaying Brexit?

Leaving the decades long membership within one go is never easy, especially when the members involved are such huge economies of the world. The two major parties of the Britain are speculating what to do. They are divided in this situation and cannot decide a coherent plan which will be acceptable to all.

Theresa May spent more than a year to negotiate a divorce deal with the European Union. Her plan kept all the trade agreements intact, whereas cutting almost all of the ties. But when she presented her plan in the parliament, it got rejected. Similarly, the parliament rejected her three plans. Some people, who were staunch supporters of Brexit, supported Mrs. May’s plan. They thought of this plan as the only way to avoid a soft Brexit.

The final word

All the leaders of the Britain have the responsibility of the nation. They have to overcome all the obstacles. A staunch supporter of Brexit will be satisfied by a no-deal exit from the European Union. However, a less harsh decision can be that Britain still remains a member of the Customs Union of Europe. This membership will prevent the restrictions on trade. What finally happens can only be seen when Britain actually exits the European Union. Until then, people can only speculate the consequences of the Brexit. Whenever it will happen, it will be one of the greatest events in history.

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