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How to Get the RACQ Pet Insurance in 2019

Pets are the best companion of humans. In reality, you cannot depend on your closest friend every time for emotional and physical support. But, pets never deceive. They are always there to lighten your mood and support you emotionally. However, the high-cost veterinary bill sometimes becomes a big hazard to have a pet. Thanks to the pet insurance companies like RACQ pet insurance, having a pet in Australia is bliss.

These must be a thousand questions in your mind related to pet insurance. Let me help you here with the basics of pet insurance.

What is Pet Insurance?

Often, first-time owners of a pet have no idea about pet insurance. They get the pet but forget to think about the medical bills associated with it. Since pets are also the living thing like us, they also become ill. They also need doctors and owners have to bear the medical expenses.

Pet insurance covers the medical expenses of the pets to some extent. In technical terms, pet insurance is the same as health insurance. Here, pet owners buy pet insurance policies for their pets from insurance companies. The insurance helps the owner to lessen the total cost of veterinary bills.

Why Do You Need Such Insurance?

Let me be honest here. Most people think that pet insurance is an added cost of nurturing a pet. For the short term, this may be true. But, with the high inflation rate and the high cost of everything, pet insurance is actually a relief.

Imagine, a pet dog living with you for the last 5 years get a serious disease. You cannot leave the dog on the street to die, right. He has been your companion for the last five years. So, you need a veterinary for the treatment of your loved dog.

RACQ Pet Insurance

However, the cost of veterinary is sometimes surreal. They even cost higher than human treatment. What if at that crucial time, your account balance is low? What will you do then? Will you borrow money from someone or try to get a loan? Or, you will let your dog die because you cannot bear the expense of the treatment.

At that significant time, pet insurance like RACQ pet insurance is your real friend. If you have pet insurance, you can happily visit a veterinary without having a penny thought about the high cost.

What is the Cost of These Insurances?

Pet insurance covers either full or a part of the expensive veterinary processes. Insurance companies offer premiums based on the type of pet. The premium also depends upon the average medical cost of the pet on the specific region. For instance, the premium pet insurance of a dog can be different in Australia and America.

According to general statistics, the average premium for a cat’s medical insurance in Australia is around $200 to $400. The premium depends upon the types of cover. For instance, the premium for accident cover is lower than the premium for the accident plus illness cover. Similarly, the average premium for the common breed dogs comes around $400 to $600.

Do I Need RACQ Pet Insurance?

Of course, if you love your pet, you need pet insurance. It is morally and ethically a smart move. RACQ (Royal Automobile Club of Queensland) is operating in Australia since 1905. It covers the accidental injury and illness of domestic dogs and cats.

How Do I Get the RACQ Insurance?

Getting pet insurance from RACQ is easy. The company provides an online insurance policy that anyone can buy sitting at their home. You need to go online, fill the form, submit the documents required and that is it. They will send you the quote and you have to retrieve that quote. In addition, the company offers a 50% discount per pet if you buy pet insurance online.

What Are The Benefits of Buying RACQ Pet Insurance?

RACQ is a premium brand in Australia. When you buy pet insurance from them, you get the brand assurance of a company working since 1905. What’s more, you get the easy claim and a plethora of other benefits.

Let’s check here some awesome benefits of pet insurance policy from RACQ:

  • At the time of veterinary need, the company backs you with up to 80% approved vet cost. That means you have to pay a minimal amount from your pocket for the veterinary cost.
  • The company also offers up to $1,000 in emergency boarding. When someone else is taking care of your pet in the hospital, RACQ will cover the cost to some extent.
  • You can claim up to $12,000 every year for illness and injury cost for your pet.
  • You can also buy vet products at a discount of 10% directly with the pet insurance from RACQ.
  • Additionally, you also get a 10% discount onboarding when you choose Hanrob Pet Hotel in Brisbane.
  • The policy covers up to 4 pets. That means you can cover up to 4 pets in a single policy.
  • The company also offers optional extra benefits. For instance, you get up to $100 for some general treatments like vaccination.


Owning a pet is not an easy task. They demand the same treatments as your own kid. Although, a pet at home means added expenses, yet he is a family member.

Having pet insurance is a relief, as in difficult times, you get the monetary help easily. Illness and accidents are non-predictable. They can attack anytime and anywhere. With reliable pet insurance like RACQ pet insurance, your pet is covered at any time. You can own and enjoy a pet without the worry of high expenses or medical emergencies.

Next time, when you own a cat or dog in Australia, do not forget to get good pet insurance. When you are free of the anxiety of cost, you can relish a good time with your pet and be happy.