CIL Insurance for Caravans: 2019 Review

CIL Insurance fills a gap that many of us tend to forget exists. Rather than offering insurance for traditional homes and vehicles, the company has made a name for itself doing the opposite.

Caravans, camper trailers, and motorhomes aren’t what most people would consider the norm. But for many others, these and other RVs are exactly that. And just because their homes have wheels and their wheels are their homes, that doesn’t mean they don’t need insurance too.

In fact, you might say they need insurance just as much as everyone else, if not more.

That’s where CIL Insurance comes in.

CIL Insurance Options

Because they recognize that caravanning isn’t just a holiday option for some, CIL Insurance focuses on providing comprehensive cover.

That means their insurance plan for caravans includes cover for both loss and damage. And there are a number of other benefits too, such as a new for a new replacement if your caravan is written off within two years of opening your policy.

On top of this, CIL Insurance also offers up to $20 million in legal liability and the option of extending your cover to include your annexe. Clients also have the premium option for hire use, as well as transport by rail, road, and sea.

But that’s not all. When signing up for caravan insurance with CIL, you can also choose between the Australia-wide or on-site options.

The latter might offer lower premium without compromising on cover. But there is a slight trade-off at play. With on-site cover, your caravan is only insured while it’s in its specified location.

What’s Included in Your Cover?

Here’s a quick look at everything that CIL insurance for caravans includes. This is the same for Australia-wide and on-site, with a few differences that we’ll point out for you.

  • Accidental loss and/or damage to your caravan or its contents. This includes accidents, hail, fires, floods, malicious damage, storms, and theft. In the case of on-site cover, it also includes any tropical and free-standing roofs or garden sheds.
  • Legal liability for up to $20 million. This is for the caravan itself and for personal legal liability. However, you do need to be living in your caravan at the time of the accident for the personal liability payout!
  • If you suffer a total loss, CIL insurance will replace your new caravan. But this is only for the first two years.
  • Repairing or replacing your electrical motor after it burns out.
  • Up to $500 in emergency repairs.
  • You’ll also enjoy a lifetime guarantee on all authorized repairs.
  • The insurance policy also covers any removal and replacement costs for you.
  • Flood damages are eligible for a maximum payout of $300.
  • If you’re living in your caravan permanently, then you can get up to $2,000 for temporary accommodation if anything happens. However, if you’re only living in it temporarily (or not at all), it’s only $500.  For the on-site cover, you do have to be living in your caravan.
  • CIL Insurance pays up to $5,000 for removing debris.
  • Finally, your tools and spare parts are also insured for up to $250.

CIL Insurance Additional Options

There are also a few extras that you can add onto your caravan insurance policy. Let’s take a look at what they are:

  • Annexe Cover. This is a really great offer by CIL Insurance, as most of their competitors don’t include annexe cover in their policies. If you do decide to use this add-on, then your annexe enjoys the same cover as your caravan does. But you do need to be using your annexe to be eligible for some of the claims.
  • Increased-contents Cover. The normal comprehensive cover only ensures your caravan’s contents for up to $1,000. So if you have anything in your caravan that’s worth more than that, you can choose to include this add-on.
  • Hire-use Cover. Let’s face it, not everyone is going to be hiring their caravan’s out for friends or strangers to use! But if you don’t live in your caravan permanently and what to use it to make some passive income, then the hire-use cover ensures your caravan and its contents while someone else is renting it from you.
  • Transport Cover. It’s easy for something to go wrong while you’re transporting your caravan by rail, road, or sea. And that’s what the transport cover add-on is there for!
  • Horse-float Cover. Last on our list of add-ons is the horse-float cover. With this option, you can choose to ensure your hoarse-float instead of a caravan.

Possible Excesses

The higher your excesses, the lower your premiums. But there are a few excesses that you might need to pay no matter what.

  1. Basic Excess. This one’s obvious – you’re going to need to pay for a portion of any claims you make.
  2. Transportation Excess. If you do decide to get the transport cover add-on, then you’ll need to pay a basic excess on any claims you make during transportation.
  3. Hire-use Excess. The same is true for any claims you make while leasing your caravan to someone else. And of course, you do need to have the hire-use cover add-on for your policy with CIL Insurance!
  4. Age Excess. This is something that affects your premiums too: having a driver who’s 16 to 24 years old. Premiums are always a little higher in this case, but you’ll also need to pay an age excess if that driver was behind the wheel when an accident happens.
  5. Inexperienced Driver Excess. This one isn’t as clear right away, but it’s very simple. If a person driving your caravan is older than 25, you won’t need to pay the age excess. But if their driving license is less than 2 years old, then you’ll have to pay an inexperienced driver excess instead.
  6. Off-road Excess. Accidents tend to happen easier when you take your caravan off-road. If something happens while you’re on a dirt road, a road that isn’t sealed, or on the beach, you’ll pay an off-road excess.
  7. Underwriting Excess. This is another one that usually affects your premiums too. Your driving history and claims history can sometimes mean that you also need to pay an underwriting excess.

On the plus side, CIL Insurance sometimes waives the excess. But this only happens if it’s another driver that causes the accident.

Apia Health Insurance for Over 50s: 2019 Review

Apia Health Insurance for over 50s aims to fill the gap by offering an insurance plan specially tailored for older Australians.

As you get older, your health insurance needs change. So it makes sense to have an insurance policy that caters to those needs. After all, you don’t want to pay for unnecessary services!

And that’s why we feel it’s one of the best options available.

Apia Health Insurance Plans

If you decide to apply for Apia Health Insurance, then there are two mid-level hospital plans to choose from. That might not seem so generous at first. But remember: both of them are designed with the needs of older Australians in mind!

So, what are the two options?

First, there’s the Silver Essentials Hospital Plus plan. With this plan, your insurance pays for the basic expenses for most of the common hospital treatments. This usually means that your policy pays the full cost of your hospital accommodation, intensive care, and theater fees. There are a few others too, but we’ll look at them in our next section.

Your other option is the Silver Premium Hospital Plus plan. This type of policy is a slight upgrade from Silver Essentials, so it includes a few extra benefits. Some of those benefits are covering cataracts, dialysis for chronic kidney failure, and even weight-loss surgery. We’ll take a look at all of the extra benefits a little later.

Both plans have flexible excesses. So depending on which option you choose, you might pay $250, $500, or $750 in excess.

Remember that the higher your excess is, the lower your premiums will be. But that also means you’ll be paying more money out-of-pocket any time you make a claim. So always think very carefully before making your decision.

What Benefits Are Included With the Silver Essential Hospital Plan?

To make things easier, we’re first taking a look at all of the benefits that come with the Silver Essential Hospital Plan by Apia Health Insurance. That way, you can easily see what extra benefits you’ll get with the Silver Premium Hospital plan afterward.

So, these are the benefits that you get with both options:

  • Adenoids, grommets, and tonsils
  • Back, neck, and spine treatments
  • Blood tests and treatments
  • Bone, joint, and muscle treatments
  • Brain and nervous system treatments
  • Breast surgery (but only if it’s a medical necessity – so no cosmetic surgery)
  • Chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and radiotherapy for cancer treatment
  • Dental surgery
  • Diabetes management (however, this doesn’t include insulin pumps – that’s separate)
  • Digestive system treatments
  • Ear, nose, and throat tests and treatments
  • Eye exams and treatment (but this doesn’t include cataract treatment)
  • Gastrointestinal endoscopy
  • Gynecology (but this doesn’t include pregnancy, births, or any assisted reproductive services)
  • Heart and cardiovascular system treatments
  • Hernia and appendix treatments
  • Hospital psychiatric services (however, for the Silver Essentials Hospital plan, this is only with the minimum benefits payable)
  • Implanting hearing devices
  • Insulin pumps (remember, this is separate to diabetes management!)
  • Joint reconstruction and replacement surgery
  • Kidney and bladder treatments
  • Lung and chest treatments
  • Male reproductive system treatments
  • Miscarriages and other terminations of pregnancy
  • Pain management, with or without a device
  • Palliative care
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgeries (but this is only if it’s for medical reasons)
  • Podiatric surgeries (but this is only if you go to a registered podiatric surgeon. And the policy doesn’t cover in-hospital podiatric services either)
  • Rehabilitation
  • Skin
  • Sleep studies

What Extra Benefits Do You Get With the Silver Premium Hospital Plan

Apia Health Insurance

Okay, so there are also a few extra benefits that you get here.

Remember, even though it’s a shorter list, you’re getting more benefits!

  • Cataracts treatment
  • Dialysis for chronic kidney failure treatment
  • Hospital psychiatric services don’t have to be with the minimum benefits payable anymore
  • Weight-loss surgery

Apia Health Insurance Extras

There are also a few extras options for you to choose from. You can decide whether you want to buy them separately or if you want to add one or more of them to your Apia Health Insurance plan.

Essential Extras

With the Essential Extras addon, you’ll get 60% paybacks for a few small services. But you also need to remember that there are some limits to that benefit.

For ambulances and preventative dental treatments, there are no annual limits at all. But for general dental treatments, there’s a limit of $600 a year.

Major dentist treatments have a separate limit, which is also $600 a year. Optical appliances have a limit of $250 a year, and physiotherapy has a limit of $350 a year.

Classic Extras

The Classic Extras addon has the same 60% benefits for the same list of services as the Essential Extras. But the limits are a little higher.

Ambulances and preventative dental treatments still have no annual limits. But general dentist treatments have a limit of $700 a year. And the major dentist treatment limit goes up to $1,300.

Optical appliances have a limit of $300 a year, while the limits for physiotherapy goes up to $450.

Premium Extras

Apia Health Insurance’s Premium Extras addon is definitely the best. Instead of only 60% benefits, you get 75%. And while Essential and Classic Extras only have 6 available services, Premium has 22!

To make things easier, let’s look at them in a list.

  1. Ambulances still have no annual limits, of course.
  2. General dentist treatments go up to $1,000 a year.
  3. Major dentist treatments go up to $1,300 a year.
  4. Optical appliances enjoy a higher limit of $350 a year.
  5. Physiotherapy goes up to an annual limit of $600.
  6. Preventative dentist treatments also have no annual limits, just like with the Essential and Classic Extras addons.
  7. Orthodontia has a starting annual limit of $800.
  8. Exercise physiology has a limit of $300 a year.
  9. Chiropractic osteopathy has a limit of $500 a year.
  10. Natural therapy enjoys an annual limit of $200.
  11. You can get speech therapy benefits for a maximum of $450 a year.
  12. Podiatry consultations and foot orthodontic appliances share a limit of $400.
  13. Eye therapy has an annual limit of $200.
  14. Dietary advice consultations have a yearly limit of $600.
  15. You can get a maximum of $200 a year of benefits for home nursing services.
  16. Occupational therapy has a limit of $450 a year.
  17. $500 a year for pharmaceutical prescriptions.
  18. Psychology also has a limit of $500 a year.
  19. Speech processors and hearing aid appliances share a $1,200 annual limit.
  20. Health aid appliances have a total limit of $500 a year.
  21. Preventative tests are eligible for a $200 payback maximum each year.
  22. You can also get a $500 payback bonus for having a healthier lifestyle.

8 Best Alternatives to Dodo Car Insurance in Australia

The Dodo car insurance company declared on 29 March 2018 that it would no longer provide the car insurance service. The news was a shock to the existing customers. The company backed its all insurance-related operations. It also stated to focus only on the core products. However, the existing customers get the full 1-year cover even after the company ceased its insurance operation.

So, are you now looking for the best alternatives to Dodo Car insurance? Are you in mayhem because of the sudden announcement of Dodo? If yes, then this post will surely help you with this. Read along and know about the best alternatives to Dodo car insurance.

Alternatives to Dodo Car Insurance

If you are a car owner in Australia, then you must be knowing that getting car insurance is an easy task. Besides, people often confuse to choose between all the insurance providers available in the country. So, to help you with this, we have compiled a list of the top 8 best car insurance companies in Australia.

1. Budget Direct

With a number of awards and recognition under the arcade, Budget Direct deserves to be the topper on our list. The company has grabbed the Money magazine winner 2019 award for the cheapest car insurance. It also got the Canstar 2007-18 awards for the outstanding values. The company has served over 1.5 million customers in Australia.

Budget direct offers both comprehensive and third party car insurance. It offers tailor-made cover by restricting the driver’s age. The customer gets the lifetime guarantee on the authorized repair of an owned car.

Also, the company offers a “New-for-old-replacement” exclusive facility for two years old cars. It also pays the toying charges if the car has met with an accident. Budget direct also offers ‘hire car facility’ for 15 days under certain conditions.


If you are looking for a reliable car insurance company with good protection, YOUI is the right choice. Under the comprehensive car cover, YOUI car insurance offers to cover theft, fire, accident, storm, flood, and earthquake. It also provides emergency accommodation, transport, and repair under specific conditions.

The customers can hire a car for 14 days under comprehensive, third party fire, and theft policy. Customers also get toying facilities under certain conditions. In the comprehensive car insurance, YOUI is one of the best alternatives for Dodo car insurance.

3. Bingle

The winner of the Canstar award for the outstanding value provider, Bingle is third in our top 8 list. It also won the cheap car award for continuous 3 years from Money Magazine. Like the other two insurance providers discussed above, Bingle also provides comprehensive and third party property damage.

Because of the online operations, getting a Bingle car insurance is easy. The company is true to its name. With the 24% huge discount to the claim free drivers of the last 3 years, the company proves itself the cheapest. Bingle is a part of the famous Suncorp Group. But, Bingle does not cover roadside accidents or the choice of cover.

4. Virgin Money

Compared to Dodo car insurance, Virgin money is also a good choice. It also covers both comprehensive car insurance and third party cover. Additionally, it offers customized covers based on the need of the driver.

With a 15% discount to the online insurance buyers, it is also one of the cheapest car insurance companies in Australia. Yet, with the optional roadside accident and choice of repairer facility, the company is lacking behind a little.

5. Allianz Car Insurance

Like its business counterparts, Allianz also offers a comprehensive and third party property damage insurance along with CTP. It offers 15% weaver to the first year premium on comprehensive car insurance if bought online. The insurer also gets the roadside accidents cover.

The customer service is the strength of the Allianz. The company is famous for easy claim and settlement.

Dodo Car Insurance

6. CGU

One of the oldest insurance companies of Australia, CGU had to be on my list. As a good alternative to Dodo car insurance, CGU offers three types of car insurance. Apart from the comprehensive and third party property damage, it also offers third party fire and theft cover.

The award-winning services of CGU have multiple benefits. It offers discounts on the premium to the non-claim bonus every year. The company also covers up to $30 million liability cover.

7. Real Car Insurance

Real also offers comprehensive car insurance, third-party property damage and third-party property, fire, and theft. The customers get a 10% discount if they buy car insurance online. Because of the good services and value for money, the company has won the Gold trusted service award 2019 by Feefo.

The company offers flexible payment options to its customers. It doesn’t have the assessment centers and uses every day repairers. The ‘pay as you drive’ cover allows the customers to get discounts on the limited kilometer drive per year.

8. GIO

GIO offers a detail comprehensive car cover. It covers accidental loss and damage against fire, storm, theft, or similar events. The company provides $20 million legal liability along with towing and storage under certain conditions.

The company also proffers the platinum comprehensive cover. Under this, the company covers the insurance of windscreen and window glass cover as the extra benefits.

How to Compare Car Insurance Services?

Before buying car insurance, it is significant to compare the services of various service providers. Here are a few parameters on which you can compare the services:

  • The premium of the insurance
  • The benefits of each insurance like the clauses of the company in case of damage.
  • Is the insurance company offer legal liability or not?
  • Claim settlement statistics
  • The online reviews of the existing costumers
  • The towing services, rental car services, and storage in case of an accident.

Bottom Line:

Dodo car insurance was one of the premium car insurance companies in Australia. However, other car insurance companies also offer the same services. Before buying car insurance, it is necessary to check online. Comparing the car insurance providers saves your time and money. Additionally, the companies propose many discounts from time to time for the customers.

Who does not like to save money and get better services? Next time before buying car insurance services in Australia, check our list and get the best car insurance at your rate.

How to Get the RACQ Pet Insurance in 2019

Pets are the best companion of humans. In reality, you cannot depend on your closest friend every time for emotional and physical support. But, pets never deceive. They are always there to lighten your mood and support you emotionally. However, the high-cost veterinary bill sometimes becomes a big hazard to have a pet. Thanks to the pet insurance companies like RACQ pet insurance, having a pet in Australia is bliss.

These must be a thousand questions in your mind related to pet insurance. Let me help you here with the basics of pet insurance.

What is Pet Insurance?

Often, first-time owners of a pet have no idea about pet insurance. They get the pet but forget to think about the medical bills associated with it. Since pets are also the living thing like us, they also become ill. They also need doctors and owners have to bear the medical expenses.

Pet insurance covers the medical expenses of the pets to some extent. In technical terms, pet insurance is the same as health insurance. Here, pet owners buy pet insurance policies for their pets from insurance companies. The insurance helps the owner to lessen the total cost of veterinary bills.

Why Do You Need Such Insurance?

Let me be honest here. Most people think that pet insurance is an added cost of nurturing a pet. For the short term, this may be true. But, with the high inflation rate and the high cost of everything, pet insurance is actually a relief.

Imagine, a pet dog living with you for the last 5 years get a serious disease. You cannot leave the dog on the street to die, right. He has been your companion for the last five years. So, you need a veterinary for the treatment of your loved dog.

RACQ Pet Insurance

However, the cost of veterinary is sometimes surreal. They even cost higher than human treatment. What if at that crucial time, your account balance is low? What will you do then? Will you borrow money from someone or try to get a loan? Or, you will let your dog die because you cannot bear the expense of the treatment.

At that significant time, pet insurance like RACQ pet insurance is your real friend. If you have pet insurance, you can happily visit a veterinary without having a penny thought about the high cost.

What is the Cost of These Insurances?

Pet insurance covers either full or a part of the expensive veterinary processes. Insurance companies offer premiums based on the type of pet. The premium also depends upon the average medical cost of the pet on the specific region. For instance, the premium pet insurance of a dog can be different in Australia and America.

According to general statistics, the average premium for a cat’s medical insurance in Australia is around $200 to $400. The premium depends upon the types of cover. For instance, the premium for accident cover is lower than the premium for the accident plus illness cover. Similarly, the average premium for the common breed dogs comes around $400 to $600.

Do I Need RACQ Pet Insurance?

Of course, if you love your pet, you need pet insurance. It is morally and ethically a smart move. RACQ (Royal Automobile Club of Queensland) is operating in Australia since 1905. It covers the accidental injury and illness of domestic dogs and cats.

How Do I Get the RACQ Insurance?

Getting pet insurance from RACQ is easy. The company provides an online insurance policy that anyone can buy sitting at their home. You need to go online, fill the form, submit the documents required and that is it. They will send you the quote and you have to retrieve that quote. In addition, the company offers a 50% discount per pet if you buy pet insurance online.

What Are The Benefits of Buying RACQ Pet Insurance?

RACQ is a premium brand in Australia. When you buy pet insurance from them, you get the brand assurance of a company working since 1905. What’s more, you get the easy claim and a plethora of other benefits.

Let’s check here some awesome benefits of pet insurance policy from RACQ:

  • At the time of veterinary need, the company backs you with up to 80% approved vet cost. That means you have to pay a minimal amount from your pocket for the veterinary cost.
  • The company also offers up to $1,000 in emergency boarding. When someone else is taking care of your pet in the hospital, RACQ will cover the cost to some extent.
  • You can claim up to $12,000 every year for illness and injury cost for your pet.
  • You can also buy vet products at a discount of 10% directly with the pet insurance from RACQ.
  • Additionally, you also get a 10% discount onboarding when you choose Hanrob Pet Hotel in Brisbane.
  • The policy covers up to 4 pets. That means you can cover up to 4 pets in a single policy.
  • The company also offers optional extra benefits. For instance, you get up to $100 for some general treatments like vaccination.


Owning a pet is not an easy task. They demand the same treatments as your own kid. Although, a pet at home means added expenses, yet he is a family member.

Having pet insurance is a relief, as in difficult times, you get the monetary help easily. Illness and accidents are non-predictable. They can attack anytime and anywhere. With reliable pet insurance like RACQ pet insurance, your pet is covered at any time. You can own and enjoy a pet without the worry of high expenses or medical emergencies.

Next time, when you own a cat or dog in Australia, do not forget to get good pet insurance. When you are free of the anxiety of cost, you can relish a good time with your pet and be happy.

Bingle Car Insurance Review 2019

Car insurance is an essential need for every car owner. No matter what part of the world you drive, you must have car insurance. In Australia also, a plethora of car insurance service providers are active. Today let us discuss Bingle Car Insurance. Before moving to the Bingle car insurance review, let me clear the basic facts about car insurance.

What is Car Insurance?

Car insurance or auto insurance is a contract between the car owner and the insurance provider. According to the contract, the insurance provider will cover the monetary loss of the car. In return, the car owner has to pay the insurance premium for a certain period.

Car insurance covers the monetary loss against all the unavoidable risk to the car. It includes accident cover, theft, property damage, and other subsequent liabilities. Almost in every country, car insurance is a must for the car owner by law.

Why Do I Need Car Insurance?

Insurance provides monetary security against unpredictable instances. Since the events are unpredictable, it is impossible to know the loss beforehand. When the losses are short, it is easy to bear the expense. What if, the loss is huge and beyond your financial capacity?

At those crucial times, car insurance comes in handy. It is the assurance that even in a disaster, the car owner needs not to worry about the money. The car insurance companies are there to bear the monetary losses.

Why Do I Need the Bingle Car Insurance Review?

As I said, in the market there are numerous car insurance companies. Alone in Australia, domestic motor insurance covers the largest segment of the general insurance category. With so many companies, it is necessary to understand the pros and cons of every car insurance provider.

The Bingle car insurance review helps you to understand the benefits and effects of car insurance. You also get to know the need for having the Bingle car insurance against other insurance providers.

Bingle Car Insurance Review:

Bingle is the part of the famous Suncorp Group in Australia. With many awards and prizes in its arcade for the cheapest and valuable car insurance packages, it is a premium brand.

Bingle provides online insurance. It is hassle-free, easy to buy, and famous for the fastest online claim. As one of the most affordable car insurance companies in Australia, Bingle offers exclusive facilities to its customers.

Features of Bingle Car Insurance:

  • Bingle provides both comprehensive and third party property car insurance.
  • It has won 2017, and 2018 Money Magazine’s best of the best car award in the cheapest car segment.
  • Additionally, Bingle is also the winner of the 2017 Canstar Outstanding Value in Car Insurance.
  • The 2017 MOZO Experts choice for Low-Cost Car Insurance Award also went to Bingle.
  • Bingle operates online and has no sales centers and support. This reduces the costing of the company and hence it provides low-cost car insurance.
  • The car insurance policy is simple and streamlined. It saves both your time and money.
  • Bingle awards drivers with a good drive history. If a driver has not claimed the insurance for the last 3 years, Bingle offers a 24% discount on the policy.
  • It has round the clock claim service. So even in the odd hours, you can claim the insurance for the car.
  • According to 41% of people in Australia, Bingle car insurance costs $1.60 or less a day.

What Are the Comprehensive and Third-party Car Policies of Bingle?

Bingle Car Insurance Review

While doing the Bingle car insurance review, it is necessary to talk about the two main features of Bingle. The third-party property damage policy covers the monetary loss when you damage someone else’s property. The comprehensive policy covers fire, theft, and nasty damage with other added benefits.

Comprehensive Car Insurance by Bingle:

In comprehensive insurance, Bingle covers any accidental loss or damage to your car. The damage can be an accident, storm, theft, fire, hail or any malicious damage. Additionally, it also includes towing, storage cost, and emergency accommodation.

Policy Features:

  • Bingle car insurance covers all kinds of accidental damage. It also covers damages because of natural disasters, theft, and malicious damage.
  • It covers towing and storage costs in an emergency.
  • Bingle also covers emergency travel, accommodation cost and repairing of the vehicle.
  • The car owner can get the optional covers for windscreen and window glass.
  • The company also covers up to $20 million in legal liabilities.
  • In Bingle, the claim process is online and easy
  • The company offers a lifetime repair guarantee.
  • Car owners can choose flexible premium payment options.
  • Bingle offers the cooling-off periods for 21-days

Third-Party Property Damage Insurance by Bingle:

Third-Party Property damage means by accident when you damage the other’s property by your car.

Policy Features:

  • The company covers up to $20 million of legal liability.
  • The claim process is easy and online.
  • Also, the cooling-off period is for 21 days.
  • The car owners get the flexible premium payment option.

Should I Pay Excess for the Bingle Car Insurance Policy?

Yes, in some cases, the car owner has to pay excess for the Bingle car insurance. Here are the cases.

  • The standard excess depends upon the city you live in. It applies to all claims and costs range from $650 to $795.
  • If the driver, at the time of the accident, is under 25 years of age, the age excess applies. The excess amount is $600 and it is in addition to the standard excess.
  • If a driver, at the time of the accident, is not the listed driver on your policy, you need to pay an extra $1,950. This is applicable to an unlisted household member or unlisted regular driver excess.


Bingle car insurance review helps you to understand the features and benefits of the insurance cover. Car insurance in Australia is easy and has many added benefits. So, next time, when you need to buy car insurance, our Bingle car insurance review will surely help you.

How to Get Southern Cross Insurance for Travel in 2019

Every year, many people travel for pleasure or business. Only in 2017, the outbound trips by Australians were 9,118,000. According to the Australian Tourism Statistics 2019, 5,115,000 people went for international trips for holiday in 2017. Southern Cross Insurance is a premium brand in Australia for providing travel insurance.

The winner of so many awards in the travel insurance sector, Southern Cross is providing travel insurance for many years. The company has won the MOZO exceptional Travel comprehensive award. It has also won the Mozo Exceptional Value Cruise Award 2018. Southern Cross is the winner of the Product Review Travel Insurance Award 2017. has also kept the company in the finalist of 2017 Best Travel Insurance comprehensive.

Why Do You Need Travel Insurance?

Insurance whether for life, motor, travel or any other, is a protection against the monetary loss during any misshapen. We live in a world of uncertainty where anything can happen the next second.

During travel to an unknown town, travel insurance is always handy. In any loss or damage, accident or death, an emotional loss is hard to cover. But, the financial loss is also significant. Imagine you have to bear both the emotional loss and financial loss simultaneously in an unknown destination. How will you manage when everyone is a stranger?

Travel insurance helps you to get the financial help immediately when you are in dire need. It saves you from the burden of arranging finances when you are already going through the bad phase.

Types of Insurance Southern Cross Insurance Offer:

Southern Cross Insurance offers International travel covers under the comprehensive Travel Care Insurance. Some of the salient features are:

  • The company covers unlimited medical and evacuation expenses if there is an unexpected event during the journey.
  • The company also allows travelers to increase the cover based on the cost of the journey.
  • The travelers also get the cover against the damaged or lost baggage.
  • If someone steals or damages the personal item, Southern Cross also covers the loss.
  • In case of an accident, the company also cover the rental car excess
  • The travelers get emergency dental treatment
  • In the case of a mishap, the company also covers the funeral costs.
  • The company covers the journey up to 12 months for multiple destinations. For that, Southern Cross offers Annual multi-trip policies.

What Else Does the Southern Cross Insurance Cover?

  • The company also covers the loss of travel documents. If you have lost or damaged your passport or travel documents, the company offers claims up to $1000 per person. It will cover a maximum of $2000 per family.
  • In the case of an overseas accident that results in death within 90 days of a journey, the company pays $25,000 per person. The maximum limit is $50,000 per family between the ages of 16-80 years.
  • It also covers the permanent and irreversible disability causing inability to work after the journey.

The optional cover:

  • Moped and Motorbike Cover
  • Skiing and snowboarding

What Facilities Does the Southern Cross Insurance Provide for Senior Citizens?

Southern Cross Insurance

For old travelers, finding the right travel policy is a headache. They have to face many hazards like age-limits, pre-existing conditions, additional premiums, and cover restrictions.

Here, Southern Cross insurance is a big relief to the old age travelers. It provides all the travel insurance facilities to the old people as for the general people. Of course, the pre-existing conditions applied to elderly people. They have to submit the required medical certificate and pay the extra cost in terms of excess premium to get the cover.

Can Pregnant Women Get the Insurance Cover?

Many insurance companies hesitate to provide travel insurance to a pregnant woman. The health hazard, the risk of miscarriage or death and other complications restricts insurance companies to cover pregnancy.

Thankfully, Southern Cross Insurance covers pregnant women for some extents. They cover the cost or losses relating to the pregnancy only up to the 20th week. Of course, pregnant women must have any complications before the start date of the insurance cover.

TravelCare cover for pregnant women is only limited to medical complications. The company also covers single and multiple-fetus pregnancy. Even if you conceived through fertility treatment, the company covers you.

Apparently, the company covers both old age travelers and pregnant women under the TravelCare cover. This includes the benefits of comprehensive covers.

What Are the Documents You Need?

Documentation is an integral part of any insurance. In the lack of documents, getting travel insurance is almost impossible. The documents requirement depends upon the individual insurance companies. However, some general documents that every travel insurance companies demand are:

  • Your identity proof
  • Your permanent address proof
  • The passport
  • Medical certificate
  • Doctor’s permission if you have a chronic disease, you are an old age person or you are pregnant.
  • The duration of the trip
  • Bank details for the premium

Things Needed to Check Before Buying Travel Insurance:

When you are buying travel insurance, it is important to check certain things. Here, I have listed some essential checklist before finalizing a travel insurance company:

  • You must read carefully the included benefits for getting the policy.
  • It is much important to read carefully what the insurance companies are excluding.
  • Compare the included and excluded with your travel needs. Also, compare this with the other travel insurance providers.
  • What is the mode of contacting travel insurance while you are overseas?
  • The documents and paperwork needed
  • The total cost of the premium along with an excess cover
  • The credit limit for claims for individual and family


Getting travel insurance is tricky. However, several companies provide insurance for travelers; you need to choose carefully the best one. The Southern Cross Insurance can be a choice because of its good reviews. But, do not get bewitched by the brand. Every traveler has some specific needs. Choose the travel policy after comparing and reading carefully. After all, it is all about a pleasurable trip and you cannot risk it.

Top 4 Best Alternatives of Hollard Insurance in Australia in 2019

Insurance is now a part of basic life for people. At every crucial point of life, insurance helps people to get monetary relief. Hollard Insurance is one such name in Australia that provides an array of insurances. The company is providing home, pet, travel, car, and bicycle insurances in Australia.

What is Hollard Insurance – an Introduction

Established in 1980, Hollard Insurance is a South Africa based company. Currently, the company is providing insurance services in many countries. These countries include South Africa, Australia, China, India, Pakistan, Namibia, Botswana, and Mozambique.

But, are there other companies also that provide the same services in Australia? So, here we have come up with a list of the top 4 best alternatives of Hollard Insurance. Let’s check them out below:

1. Suncorp Group – One of the Best Alternatives of Hollard Insurance

Suncorp is one of the biggest banking and financial corporate in Australia. It owns almost 27% insurance market cover. The company is active since 1902 and currently, it is one of the top20 ASX-listed companies. Thus, it is one of the top competitors of Hollard Insurance in Australia.

Kinds of Insurance by Suncorp Group:

Suncorp Group is offering insurance for Home, Car, Third Party, Life, Health, and Travel. Some other insurances they are providing are Landlord, Motorcycle, Caravan, Motorhome, Boat, etc.

Features of Suncorp Group:

  • The company has won the MOZO Experts Choice 2018 Insurance of the year award.
  • The company offers a 15% discount on many policies. When the customers buy three or more eligible policies, the discount is applicable.
  • Additionally, it offers a discount of $100 when the customer buys a policy online.
  • Also, the company has been providing insurance for more than 90 years in Australia.

2. Insurance Australia Group – Another Best Alternative of Hollard Insurance

Hollard Insurance

IAG (Insurance Australia Group) also has a great market share in the insurance sector in Australia. With 29% of the total market share, the company is leading in general insurance. After the demutualization of the NRMA (National Roads and Motorists Association), IAG came into existence in 2002. Furthermore, it is giving a tough competition to Hollard Insurance in Australia.

Kinds of Insurance by AIG:

Currently, the company is providing insurance in sectors like Bicycle, Comprehensive Motor, Commercial & Motor Fleet, Construction & Engineering, Consumer Credit, CTP, Directors and Officers, Extended Warranty, Farm, Crop and Livestock, Home and Contents, Income Protection, Marine, Niche Insurance, Professional Indemnity, Public and Product Liability, Security, and Worker’s Compensation.

Features of AIG Group:

  • IAG drives some of the big names of Australia’s general insurance. NRMA Insurance, CGU, Swann Insurance, Lumley Insurance, SGIO, WFI, and SGIC are a few of them.
  • In 2019, NRMA won APAC Adobe Award for the data-driven marketing application.
  • In 2018, NRMA won the Australian Insurance Industry Awards for Direct General Insurance Company of the Year.
  • Also, in 2018, SGIC won the Canstar awards for the Outstanding Value Car Insurance.
  • The company and its peers have also won many awards in previous years for excellence in the Insurance industry.
  • Additionally, IAG has made its presence in countries like New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

3. QBE Insurance

QBE (QBE Insurance Group limited) is number third with a 10% market share in general insurance in Australia. However, the company is Australia’s largest global insurer. Currently, the company is working in 31 countries. Established in October 1886, it is among the top 20 global insurers of the world. Of course, it is a good alternative to Hollard Insurance in Australia.

Kinds of Insurance by QBE:

The company is offering insurance services in sectors like Accidents and Health, Aviation, Builders warranty, Public Liability, Commercial Motor, Commercial Packages, Construction & Engineering, CTP business, Farm, Marine, Multinational, Professional Liability, Property, Surety, Trade Credit, and Workers Compensation.

Features of QBE Insurance:

  • QBE is famous for online easy claims.
  • It is the winner of Canstar Outstanding Value Car Insurance for 2013, 2015, and 2016.
  • It has also won the Canstar Innovation Excellence Award in 2014.
  • Also, QBE was the winner of the Australian HR Award for the Employer of Choice.
  • QBE is operating in more than 30 countries in the world.
  • Above all, it offers insurance in almost every category.

4. Allianz

Allianz is a Germany based multinational financial service providers. In Australia, the company is working as an insurance arm since 1914. However, the company has started many insurance operations in Australia since July 2000. For the reason that it has more than 3 million customers, it is also a tight competitor of Hollard Insurance.

Kinds of Insurance by Allianz:

Allianz is providing insurance for Car, Home, Boat, Life, Travel, Landlord, Public Liability, Small Business, Workers Compensation, Commercial & Corporate, and Farm.

Features of Allianz Insurance:

  • The company operates through Australia and New Zealand.
  • Furthermore, it is Australia’s 4th largest general insurers.
  • It provides Worker’s Compensation Cover for around every 1 in 5 Australian employees.
  • The customers can claim the cover through phone and online.
  • Additionally, Allianz covers 50% of the top BRW-listed companies.


Hollard Insurance has a great impact on Australia’s insurance business. But, it is not the only fish in the pond. Several other insurance companies are providing approximately the same services in Australia. A well-researched person always gets the best. So, next time when you plan to buy any insurance policy, do not forget to compare the insurance companies.

Bupa Pet Insurance

Bupa Pet Insurance Policy Values 2019

Pet ownership is on the rise in Australia. As many have come to own dogs, cats and many other animal companions more concerns come to light. Veterinary expenses are not a niche concern. The costs can get very high as pet health issues are not as well known as human medical needs. To help alleviate the rising costs of owning a pet, insurers like Bupa Pet Insurance offer value packages.

Just like any other insurance company, there is a standard that needs to be met. What you know to be true for normal human insurance is the same for pets. In this case, you can expect to find options for accidental injury, illness and routine care and maintenance.

Bupa Pet Insurance offers three different packages applicable to cats and dogs. They have a basic, a standard, and an ultimate package. The value of each will depend on how much you are willing to spend annually. What are your expectations when it is time to make a claim?

It is always important that you choose the best policy for yourself and your pet. So, let’s get into it.


To begin with, basic is the cheapest package that you can get from Bupa. It covers accidental injury and an 80% cover on all vet bills. Additionally, you will get a $300 annual limit on consultation and vet bills and a $2600 limit on ligament conditions. This is the same across the board for each of the higher-priced packages.

While budget-friendly, accidental injury covers a wide range of risk events. It can even include wounds the animal gets from a fight. More importantly, it can cover accidental injury caused to it by motor vehicles. Car accidents are one of the most well-known risks to a pet. Who can imagine their pet in speeding traffic?

An accident is bad, but even the basic plan gives some peace of mind. The $6,000 annual benefit gives you some comfort knowing that you can get sufficient care. Depending on your situation, you can potentially pay less than $20 a month.

Other kinds of accidents covered include snake bites and burns. However, this level of the policy does not include tick and flea bites.

Bupa Pet Insurance


With a little bit more to pay each month, the standard offers the best value for money. Although it lacks a few things, it gives adequate compensation. The main selling factor of Bupa’s standard coverage is that it also protects against illnesses. However, there are key features that make this a good value policy.

Standard protects against any illness or disease not covered by accidental injury. This includes infectious diseases, hereditary illness, skin condition, and cancer. Some breeds of dogs or cats are predisposed to having a hereditary illness. Your pet could be one such breed of animal. Get your dog or cat tested and find out. You should not wait for symptoms to develop. More importantly, you risk additional costs to your premium.

Bupa Pet Insurance also starts offering more specific features at this level. You can get cancer treatment, ear/eye conditions, and gastrointestinal problems without additional fees. Although skin conditions are included in the package, it is separated by a $500 sub-limit.

An optional feature that you can get with the standard is Routine Care Benefit for up to $200 a year. By getting this option, you are covered for de-sexing, microchips, heartworm control/prevention, and flea/tick/worm control. Blood and urine tests, vaccinations and other health checks are also included with the optional feature.  


Although this is the best the Bupa Pet Insurance has to offer, it’s not the best value for money. Ultimate includes all the other features available to the cheaper products. It has little more to offer except for a few specific additions.

Understandably, the annual benefit goes up to $20,000. Should you choose not to add more to the package, you essentially have the same as the standard policy. The monthly payment cost of Ultimate is not that far off from Standard at first glance. However, the slight price increase becomes more noticeable from an annual perspective.

Ultimate is where you have the option to get dental coverage and alternative treatment benefit for your pet. The dental coverage comes with a $500 sub-limit, and covers a range of illnesses.

Other companies don’t normally cover alternative treatment. This is a unique benefit to Bupa Pet Insurance that comes at a heavy price. You can get up to $1000 benefit if your pet needs physiotherapy and physical therapy. However, you can also get coverage for chiropractors, acupuncture, and hydrotherapy. Each of these has a sub-limit of up to $400.

To summarize, ultimate is a really good package. It gives a great annual benefit and doesn’t cost much more than standard. However, getting all the benefits will make it cost so much more.

Bupa Pet Insurance Additional Benefits

Bupa Pet Insurance

You simply cannot ignore the additional features that Bupa Pet Insurance offers as they can really make a difference. They provide an added level of convenience that few other companies offer. If you travel overseas with your pet, you’ll be happy to know that Bupa has cover for that too. Pet Overseas Travel Expense and Emergency boarding are a couple of the options available at an extra charge.

Finally, another optional benefit worth mentioning is Essential Euthanasia. No pet owner ever wants to consider this and it can be a painful added cost. It lightens the situation in the future, so it’s worth it.

Why Bupa Pet Insurance?

Bupa Pet Insurance policies definitely offer a lot of value at each tier. Deciding which one is best for you is key to saving a lot of money in the future. A new pet owner with a younger pet could opt for the cheapest option and get the basic package. You can even do more research and get a cheaper provider if you can find one with comparable benefits. In the budget option, Bupa is one of the many affordable products.

The standard policy is definitely where Bupa pet insurance shines in terms of value for the amount spent. The optional benefit makes it a little bit expensive, but it’s only just an option.

Finally, the additional optional benefits you may get from the ultimate package sets Bupa apart from a lot of competitors. This could be the best policy you can get your pet knowing its specific needs. Take this policy if you know the potential medical expenses in the future. It might be costly now, but your furry companion is worth it.

Eric Insurance Review 2019: Friendlier Car Insurance?

Insurance is a business that’s all about care, but industry leaders are large and often faceless entities. Eric Insurance claims to be an all Australian company deeply connected to its roots. They understand the needs of the average person and engage them on achievable terms. So in essence, they are not a soulless conglomerate that’s out to take advantage of you. However, they’re not a young naive upstart.

Eric insurance is the re-branded Avea insurance merged with Swann Insurance. Both companies are experienced and solid names in the world of car and motorcycle insurance. As it is its own underwriter, they have a certain degree of freedom in how they function as a company.

Looking at their packages, you can decide if they have benefits at a cost that’s best for you. Even though they are in a focused market, competition is certainly formidable. Other big names like Budget Direct have set a standard in the industry and can sell for less. With that being said, consider that price and benefits aren’t everything. A good reputation can go a long way. After all, would you go with an insurance company that makes you jump through hoops for a claim only to deny you?


Right off the bat we see a very different car insurance website. The look is definitely something you would see on a fashion, photography or even self-help website. It deviates from the usual look of a regular insurance website which is refreshing and annoying in it’s own way. Where can I get a quote and how much are your products worth? Right away you can’t get information that you would rather know right away.

So, what does this mean? Majority of insurance companies are able to give you an idea of the cost and benefits of their product on their front page. Eric Insurance does not have this kind of approach. Instead, they introduce their company philosophy via a lovely animated video. It highlights how they are different innovative thinkers and affirming that their goal is not to be a corporate giant. In addition, they want to establish a reputation of delivering quality products, customer service and long relationships.

However, the lack of functionality on their website prevents new customers from setting up and buying a policy from them online. All of the policy is there to see, but to make a purchase and get an initial quote, you need to contact someone first. Because there’s a lack of automation, you will have a harder time making a price comparison.

On the other hand, their approach means that there’s someone you can talk to before making a decision. You can discuss your needs more specifically and then make a purchase through an agent. And because Eric insurance has a lot of products you can choose from, it will definitely help.

Eric Insurance Products

While many insurance providers offer products with reduced benefits, Eric goes the other way. Their Comprehensive Cover package includes key features usually found in high premium policies. The following below is a list of items on top of a basic cover.

  • Replacement of New Vehicle
  • Emergency Travel
  • Essential Repairs
  • Hire Car After Theft
  • Keys and Locks
  • Funeral Benefit
  • Personal Property
  • Towing
  • Trailer
  • Transit Cover
  • Transfer of Vehicle

There are more than just a few interesting additions to a usual package. One that is quick to gravitate towards is replacement and repair. Repair and replacement is what most people expect from a comprehensive policy. In this case, Eric Insurance has the same level of standard when it comes to amount covered. They already include theft, fire and accident damage to their comprehensive option and automatically give you the best option possible.

Funeral benefit is an option that’s not usually found with other providers. The $2000 dollar limit can definitely help with funeral costs, but other insurance products are better suited. It’s a bit strange to include this in a car insurance plan, especially when it doesn’t add that much value overall.

Specific Need Products

If you look at the comprehensive insurance plans of other companies, you can see that Eric’s is not so different. They offer a little bit of extra value and benefits, but that’s about it. Eric Insurance shines through the other products it offers that cater to specific needs. You cannot usually find these products from other providers and they help protect people that financed their car.

Eric Insurance takes into account that comprehensive does not really protect everything. Your situation changes when an accident happens. But that’s not the only thing that can change. Getting sick or losing your job makes it that much more difficult to catch up on car payments. Eric addresses the problem with four products. They are Loan Termination Insurance, Total Assist Insurance, GAP insurance, and Financial Protection Insurance.

Although each one meets a specific need, they target your own finances. Very few, if any other, car insurance company covers your own vehicle related loan. Look at your car from a financial stand point. You use it everyday, but it also devalues. You might never get in a car accident, but it will get older. With age comes more risk. And in the event of a Total Loss, you will have a hard time getting a new car without a little financial aid. Eric helps bridge that gap.

Why choose Eric Insurance?

You can get mixed feelings from the products Eric offers. And you can even say that it might be too costly. The products do cover a lot, but that only means a higher premium. Your monthly costs will go up for some savings down the line. What are the things you can weigh?

On the positive side, it’s definitely comprehensive. You will pay for value and you will get value. In most cases, that’s really a good deal. At a time when things are financially difficult, Eric will have you covered.

On the other hand, you might be paying for services you won’t actually need. Always remember that budget is always a major factor and you don’t need to be greedy for value.

Eric Insurance coverage would be best for you if your car is an asset in your everyday life that is steadily losing value. If you think they’re offering a policy that’s best for you, then go get in touch with them.

Central Banks Started Buying Gold Again

Gold is like a mini skirt, periodically returns to fashion and again becomes a hit, although numerous economists have written it several times as a “relic of barbarism”, which has neither the purpose nor the future in the modern world of finance. But faced with an uncertain future, central bankers in gold still see a sort of “insurance policy”. The new golden fever is led by Russia and China to reduce US dollar participation in its foreign exchange reserves, while in Italy, which is ranked third in the world’s gold reserves, the current government is trying to formally transfer ownership of gold reserves from the central bank to the government.

Last year, at the global level, the central bank bought 651 tonnes of gold, a record amount in recent years, and the new golden fever is led by Russia and China whose central banks buy gold with full steam while at the same time reducing US dollar participation in their foreign exchange reserves.
In the case of Russia, this is not too surprising as it faces US sanctions, de-dollarization is the official policy, in order to reduce the overall dependence of the Russian economy on the dollar and the international financial system, which is practically under the effective control of the United States.

The trend is changing, because at the end of the nineties, the belief that gold days were counted, and the central bank of Great Britain, Canada and a number of other countries, sold their gold reserves, only to be solved. An extreme example is Canada, which has sold its entire gold reserves over the past ten years, while Britain has reduced its reserves to 310 tons in 2008 from 588 tonnes in 2000, and remained at that level to date.

Russia quadrupled gold reserves

With massive gold buying, Russia began ten years ago, following the global financial crisis of 2008, when Russian gold reserves amounted to a relatively modest 519 tons of gold. At the end of last year, these reserves rose to an impressive 2.113 tonnes. Russia practically quadrupled its gold reserves over the last 10 years, with only 275 tonnes of gold alone last year. In all likelihood, the Central Bank of Russia will continue to accelerate the purchase of gold, while reducing the share of dollars in its foreign exchange reserves.

The situation is similar to China, which in 2008 had 600 tons of gold in foreign exchange reserves so that at the end of last year this amount rose to 1.852 tons. In the case of China, the motives are slightly different than in Russia. China is under the political and economic pressure of the United States, but it is far from sanctions imposed on Russia, and it is unlikely that China will be in such a position, as it would effectively lead to the collapse of the global economy, bearing in mind that most global companies have long moved production in China.

But China has a dollar problem as there are too many of them, as a result of a trade surplus with the United States and the rest of the world. For China, this is a problem because unlimited printing of the dollar, from a million called “quantitative easing,” sooner or later leads to a fall in real value, which is bad news if you have thousands of billions of dollars in exchange for completely tangible products. Long-term Chinese ambitions are that the yuan be accepted as a global currency, in the same ranges as the dollar and the euro, which implies stability and confidence, and regardless of the fact that the golden currency coverage has long been rejected, in the moments of the crisis, gold is still what counts.