Aviva is a UK based insurance plan provider with its records going all the way lower back to 1696 with the Hand in Hand Fire & Life Insurance Society. The modern structure of Aviva also is a great deal one of a kind than its humble roots with it being officially created as the result of a merger between Commercial Union and General Accident in 2000. The name Aviva used to be added to the corporation in 2002. Aviva Car Insurance presents a number of points that make their insurance policies very desirable. They make the technique of making use of for a quote very easy. You can observe for a quote in the following ways:

* Over Phone

* In-Person With The Agent

– Through Website

– Through The Independent Insurance Comprasion Site

Benefits of Aviva Car Insurance

Aviva additionally provides a quantity of unique elements that make them a very applicable insurance plan provider. One of these most perfect programs is their disappearing deductible. This program lowers your deductible for each 12 months you go besides submitting a claim. Most drivers will have a deductible of zero if they go 5 years barring submitting a claim. In addition, Aviva Car Insurance considers your history with provious insurance plan provider. This allows you probably have a deductible of zero right away.

Aviva also present a conviction protector program. They will now not raise your fees due to the fact you obtained a single ticket. This skill that you will not worry about haveing losing a lot of cash just due to fact you made on minor mistake.

Aviva Car Insurance offers roadside help for a low fee. Their roadside help application will soar start your car, supply you gas, or tow your vehicle. Also, they will not elevate your rates just due to the fact you wanted roadside assistance. Aviva’s roadside hep program offers discounts on condominimum motors and resort rooms if you are stranded somewhere. This roadside help application can doubtlessly store you a lot of money and stress if you have automobile problems whilst travelling.

Aviva ensures their purchaser carrier with them making certain that they fulfill client in the the course of the claims process. Aviva will give you a year’s really worth of premiums back if you are no longer comfy with them all through the claims process. They will additionally provide you the full amount from settling the claim. This means that you will still get super compensation even if you determine that you no longer like Aviva.

Here’s what you need

– Registration number of the car

– Details of any claims

– Details of the drivers like date of birth, claims records and license numbers       

– Your driving license number

The benefits

– If your vehicle is worried in an accident triggered by using an uninsured motorist, we refund any excess you paid us. We’ll want the other driver’s name, contact important points and car registration.

– If your automobile is broken and isn’t secure to drive, we will get you and your passengers returned home. Or, if you have Regular or Premium cover, we’ll take you all to your destination, or pay for an in a single day continue to be up to £150.

– If your vehicle is broken by means of vandals or thieves, additionally we’ll pay to repair it and your no claims bargain isn’t affected.



If you have identified a credit card you want to own, you can apply for capital one credit card with just a few steps.

What facts does Capital One require when I observe for a credit card?

You’ll need to supply your personal information, which include :

            – Full name

            – Social Security number

            – Date of birth

            – Your address (No P.O. Boxes)

            – Estimated gross annual income

            – Checking and/or financial saving data

How can I find out the reputation of my credit card consult?

If you follow by using a phone or online, you will regularly get a response in 60 seconds. However, in some instances, we want to acquire extra statistics to make a decision.

You can take a look at the situation of your application every time via calling XXXXXXXXX. We will notify you in writing of our selection within 7 to 10 days of your application.

When will I receive my new card?

If you’re approved, you’ll obtain your new Capital One card, credit score limit information, and welcome materials by way of mail inside 7 to 10 business days. However, clients accepted for a Secured MasterCard card will want to pay the credit in full earlier than the card ships, then it will be 7-10 business days.

Can I add any other authorized person to my card?

Yes, you can. You can add authorized users on-line after you sign in, or you can phone the number on the back of your card. Please observe that to add an authorized user to your account, you have to be the primary cardholder, secondary cardholder, energy of attorney, or small enterprise account manager.

Adding an authorized person can be done only if you’ve already been approved, not during the application process. We do no longer provide the option for co-applicants at this time, however you can also add an authorized person after your account is opened.

How do you apply for capital one credit card for my payments?

We commonly apply for re-payments up to your minimum charge first to the balance with the lowest APR, and then to balances with greater APRs. We apply any phase of your payment exceeding your minimal fee to the balance with the highest APR, and then to balances with decrease APRs.

What have to I do if I’ve been declined and can’t get entry to my secure letter online?

If you’ve been notified on-line that you had been declined for a credit card from Capital One, we prefer to make sure we help you understand why. If you are unable to get entry to your secure letter on-line containing in addition details, please name us at XXXXXXXX to request that a paper copy be mailed to you.



We all have things that we like to gush about, even if we have the best credit cards. And with credit cards, when you share a lot with your family, you may see additional benefits. When you share an American Express card with a partner using by Amex Refer A Friend Program, you may be able to earn extra Membership Rewards points when they apply for a card using your referral connection.

As a participant, a personalized reference connection designed to be shared with friends and family is given to you. American Express also provides links that you can post on Twitter and Facebook, even though sharing with people you don’t know is discouraged. You are also required to disclose that if you share your reference on social media, you can receive a referral bonus.

How Amex Refer A Friend Program Works?

You can earn your referral bonus in the form of Membership Rewards points once someone is accepted for a card through your connection. It’s also worth noting that those you’re talking to can get access to a higher welcome bonus in some situations than they might get through a public offer. You and the person you are talking to benefit from this.


American Express sometimes changes the cards available for referral deals, but by logging into the American Express referral website you can see if your card is eligible. Double-check your balance with the Amex Refer a Friend Program to see what’s open to you; keep in mind that you may be limited in the number of points you can receive each calendar year.

Eligible Amex cards Bonus Max. bonuses per year
Amex Platinum 15.000 55.000
Hilton Honors Amex 10.000 80.000
Amex EveryDay 10.000 55.000
Marriott Bonvoy Business 20.000 55.000

Other Situations

You may not get the Amex Refer a Friend Program bonus in some situations. For a variety of reasons, this can be:

            – Your friend did not apply for the card using your reference

            – You have exceeded the total referral for the year

            – The credit card you applied for was not accepted by your partner.

            – The application for a card from your referral recipient was refused

 Even, you may want to follow up if you sent the referral by email to your recipient. Maybe the email went to either the directory of spam or promotions. In that case, you may be better off making your personalized connection accessible to them.

Bonuses Are Taxable

It is possible to tax the points you earn from a referral bonus. American Express can give you a 1099-MISC to file with your taxes. For tax purposes, the participation rewards points you receive through referral incentives are priced at 1% per point.

Finally, it’s good to know that you can be rewarded with your friends for sharing your popular American Express credit cards. You can also receive a discount for any card in the same credit card family in addition to getting a referral bonus for the credit card you have.



The first thing you really need to know about the Amex Green Card is that it is not a credit card but a charge card. This means it won’t have revolving credit the way a credit card would but unlike a credit card, you usually don’t have to pay your bill in full every month. But there is an exception: The Amex Green Card provides you some flexibility to hold those balances through its Pay Over Time plan (which comes with a 16.99% to 23.99% fixed purchase APR).

For those with good to excellent credit, the American Express Green Card is intended. For all eligible travel purchases, the premium rewards program provides three points per dollar, three points per dollar at restaurants around the world and one point per dollar for all other payments. While the Amex Green Card’s annual fee is $150, the card does not pay a foreign transaction fee.

Pros of Amex Green Card

Easy-to-earn travel rewards: due to how widely American Express defines travel expenses, a lot of your daily expenses will earn extra points. Even if you don’t think yourself a frequent flyer, this card will give you 3 points per $1 for commuting costs such as taxi fare, parking, or tolls.

Travel refund credits: Lounge Buddy will provide you with a $100 credit for airport lounge passes and a $100 credit for an expedited airport security clearance charge for CLEAR Plus.

Highly valuable welcome reward: The welcome offer may be worth as much as $885 based on the point valuations of The Balance. That’s a lot of it. Furthermore, if in some other cases you can redeem your welcome bonus points, the price of the points will fall below the card offers with much lower annual fees.

No transaction fee: this is a common advantage among the best travel cards, but for the Amex Green Card it’s new. Now with this card you can travel abroad and don’t worry about paying extra for each order.   


Limits on booking travel awards: You can receive travel points in many ways, but you will either need to pass your points to a travel loyalty program for your partner or use your points to book through amextravel.com. This one does not allow you to book through other websites and get repaid for your travel expenses as opposed to some other cards.

Heavy annual fee: at $150, the charge for this card is steep (and lower than it used to be) for a regular travel rewards card, and it’s not waiving the first year either. If you’re flying a lot, the discounts on entry to the airport lounge and security clearances can make it worth it, but otherwise, it’s a reason to pause.

Security Features

Some credit card security tools from American Express are in line with industry standards. But when your credit report changes, MyCreditGuide offers alerts that could help alert you to fraud.



American Express is now providing rewards to new applicants for credit cards. And how do you choose the right deal for you? Upon spending $1,000 on expenses within the first three months of opening the new account, Blue Cash Preferred provides a $250 statement bonus. Amex credit card offers 6% cash back on selected entertainment services and 3% cash back on transport including taxis/rideshare, parking, tolls, trains and buses. The card offers 6% cash back from markets (up to $6,000 per year in sales, then 1%), 3% cash back from gas stations, and 1% on other buys.

Amex Credit Cards Offers: Travel Rewards

Hilton Honors Surpass provides 125,000 Bonus Points upon paying $2,000 within the first three months after establishing your new card account. By spending $15,000 on expenses on your card in a calendar year, you receive a Weekend Night Reward. For every dollar of qualifying payments made directly at a hotel or resort within the Hilton Portfolio, you receive 12X Hilton Honors Bonus Points.

Airline Reward Cards

Gold Delta SkyMiles provides 30,000 bonus miles if, within the first 3 months of opening your new account, you spend $1,000 on buying. In addition, receive a $50 Statement Credit after buying a Delta with your new Card within your first 3 months. That Amex credit card offers airline miles: 2 miles per qualifying dollar spent on Delta payments. Get 1 mile for each dollar spent on other purchases that qualify.

Blue Delta SkyMiles provides 10,000 bonus miles if, within the first 3 months of activating your account, you spend $500 on purchases. That Amex credit card offers airline miles: 2 miles per dollar spent in U.S. restaurants and directly with Delta payments. Earn 1 mile for each dollar spent on other buys that qualify.

Membership Rewards Cards

American Express Platinum gives 60,000 Membership Rewards points if, within the first three months of opening your account, you spend $5,000 on purchasing your new card. For flights booked directly with airlines or Amex Travel you receive 5x Membership Rewards points. This is a charge card, so every month you’ll have to pay your balance in full.           

American Express Gold receives 35,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $4,000 with your new Card in the first three months on qualifying payments. At restaurants around the world, this card receives 4x points. 3x Points on airline or amextravel.com booked flights.

Don’t You Want $550 Annual Fee?

Does it sound too much like $550? The annual fee for the American Express Gold Card is $250. Collect 35,000 Membership Rewards awards after spending $4,000 with your new Card in the first three months on approved purchases. Instead of a $200 Airline Fee Credit, you’re getting up to a $100 Airline Fee Credit to help the chosen airline pay incidental charges.

Is American Express Good For You?

American Express has a “spend-centered” business model, meaning that loyal card holders want to generate revenue using their card to spend, rather than paying high lending charges and unfair fees. This means this average American Express card spending continues to be higher than others in their banks. It makes it possible for American Express to charge customers a premium rate. This higher merchant rate allows American Express to offer especially attractive rewards and bonuses in our opinion.

How does it affect you? Sometimes you may encounter a dealer that won’t accept your card but it gets rarer as more merchants realize the value of loyal American Express credit card holders.


American Express’s newest card creates quite a stir and for valid reason. The Amex Cobalt Card, aimed at Millennia’s and people leading active social lives, is the card that rewards cardholders simply for doing the things they enjoy.

This card rewards you for eating out in restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, as well as for making trips to your local supermarket, allowing cardholders to receive 5x points on eligible foods and beverages. And, regardless of your eating habits, you’ve protected this card. The 5x earnings have an annual spending limit of $30,000, but most people will not get close to it.

You also receive the Amex Cobalt card for travel and transportation. Together with more usual travel purchases, such as flights and hotels, offer you 2x points on gas purchases, Uber trips, your metro ticket. Wherever you need to get around-while helping you get there, this card will give you more points.

Food and travel, however, are not the only way to earn rewards. You can still earn 1 reward point for every $1 spent everywhere else you use your card-the standard amount for most rewards credit cards.

Annual Fee of Amex Cobalt

The Amex Cobalt has a unique structure of annual fees. It charges a monthly fee of $10 instead of $120 once a calendar year. That said, while $10 a month makes it look more affordable, it’s $120 a year. This is consistent with most premium annual fees for cards, typically ranging from $99 to $150.

Income Requirements

While most AMEX Cobalt credit cards have minimum annual income criteria – typically from $60,000 to $80,000 anywhere – this is not the case here. That’s right, there are no clear income criteria for the Amex Cobalt.

Now, this is not to mean that everyone is sure to be accepted, as you still need a good credit score and a steady income flow. But it does mean that you won’t simply rule out your request because you don’t fall into a particular income bracket.

Interest Rate

There are little to no surprises as far as the interest rate of the Amex Cobalt is concerned as a rewards credit card. This charges a basic annual percentage rate of 19.99% for sales (which can be completely avoided as long as you fully pay off your balance) and 22.99% for cash advances.

The AMEX Cobalt is a conventional credit card, and is not a charge card, unlike many other American Express Cards. Like any Visa or MasterCard, the AMEX Cobalt comes with a credit limit and you don’t have to pay the balance in full each month.

The Amex Options

American Express is approved at less than Visa or MasterCard, sadly. That said, if you’re carrying the American Express Cobalt in combination with some other card from another bank in situations where AMEX is not approved, you won’t have to compromise a lot with regard to your daily expenditure.



There’s no question that you’ve come across American Express if you’re looking for the best credit card for your business American Express, after all, offers a wide variety of business credit cards, including some of the greatest rewards, travel, and overall market cards. We will break down all 4 Amex business credit cards in this review – discuss features like annual fees, bonuses, welcome deals, and more.

The Amex Blue Business Plus Credit Card

 The Blue Business Plus provides one of the longest intro APR terms on the market-once you sign up for this Amex business credit card, you can earn 12 months of 0 % intro APR on both payments and balance transfers.

In fact, you will need to request your balance transfer within 60 days of opening your account with this Amex business card to use the APR on this balance. That being said, for regular rewards, for every dollar you spend with your Blue Business Plus, you can receive a flat 2x rewards level. That limit refers to the first $50,000 that you invest each year. After that, for every dollar you spend, you can receive a flat rate of 1x bonuses.

The Amex Business Gold Card

The Amex Business Gold, one of the next Amex Business Credit Cards, offers you options with no fixed spending limit plus the option to pay over time for $100 or more purchases. However, after spending $5,000 on approved purchases with the Business Gold Card within the first three months of card membership you can receive 35,000 Membership Rewards points.          

As for consistent levels of bonuses, you can receive 4x bonuses for the two types of expenditures you pay the most in each month – out of a total of six categories. The 4x rate would apply annually to the first $150,000 in the two categories combined purchases.

The American Express Plum Card

So long as you make the full payment on time and pay the remaining balance of the statement within the 60-day grace period of the Plum Card, no interest will increase in your spending. The Plum Card is a charge card, though, so you’ll pay high late fees after those 60 days, which will ultimately cost you much more than interest rates on a business credit card.

Basically, if you’re not sure if you can pay full balance or not, you’ll want to stick to the Amex business credit cards, not their billing cards.

The Gold Delta Sky Miles Business Credit Card

The next Amex small business credit card on our list, the Gold Delta SkyMiles card, will make it more rewarding for your business travel. With this card after paying $1,000 in purchases within the first three months, you will be able to earn 30,000 bonus miles, as well as a $50 statement credit for making a Delta expenses within the first 3 months.

Therefore, if you spend on this Amex business credit cards, you will get 2 miles for every dollar you spend directly on Delta, plus 1 miles for every other dollar you spend on your ticket.



Possibly the most luxurious business card is The Amex Business Platinum Credit Card and it has a new 100,000 welcome bonus. If you travel regularly and prefer some high-end benefits, this can be one of your great options. With that credit card you will have the chance to earn 100,000 Membership Rewards as part of the welcome bonus. To earn the 100k, you will first have to spend $10,000 on qualifying purchases within the first 3 months, which will earn you 50,000 points. Then, spend a more $15,000 on qualifying purchases during the same three months to earn the extra 50,000 points.

In addition to the points, you can enjoy free airport lounge access, journey credits, and bendy point redemption alternatives as well.

Benefits of Amex Business Platinum

In terms of income points on your each day spending, the Business Platinum Card operates the identical as the private Platinum Card. As with the Platinum Card, the Business Platinum also comes with similar trip-related benefits. You can earn immediate Gold elite status with Marriott’s resort loyalty program, giving you advantages such as room upgrade, free internet, and late checkout when staying at hotels.

It’s well worth considering on the lounge access advantages of the card. The Amex Business Platinum Credit Card can provide complimentary get entry to Priority Pass lounges for you and one guest, as well as Plaza Premium lounges and American Express Centurion Lounges for you, your spouse, and two kids under the age of 21 or one traveling companion.

The card also comes with access to American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts, advantages at Toronto Pearson Airport such as priority safety lane access, and of course the available Platinum Concierge service.

Insurance Coverage

The insurance plan provided by using the Amex Business Platinum Credit Card is extraordinarily comprehensive. In fact, the insurance provided by the Business Platinum is the most complete out of all the Membership Rewards cards due to the fact the card presents each top-notch travel insurance advantages and insurance geared towards small business owners.

There’s the crucial emergency clinical insurance up to $5,000,000, journey accident insurance up to $500,000, and the typical assortment of insurance towards flight delays, travel interruption, travel cancellation, automobile rental accidents, hotel burglaries, and lost, stolen, or damaged baggage. But there is additionally the Disability Plan for Small Business, which covers you as a sole proprietor for up to $10,000 in the unfortunate event of permanent, whole disability as the result of an accident injury. In terms of insurance plan coverage, the Business Platinum Card provides the great of each world.


– You can earn up to 5 points per $1 spent

– Get 35% points returned when reserving award flights

– 1:1 point transfers to airline and inn partners

– $200 airline price credit score

– Complimentary airport lounge access


-Welcome offer has an excessive minimum spend

– No bonus points for everyday business purchases much less than $5,000

– $595 annual cost



If you’ve heard about credit card points and want to get into the action but you’re not sure where to get started, the Amex Blue is probably a good starting card for you. The American Express Blue card is available as the standard membership rewards card. On all payments, you will receive one point per dollar, which will accumulate in your standard Membership Rewards balance.

Travel Rewards of Amex Blue

Being a cardholder doesn’t give a lot of extra benefits, but there are a few to remember. First, the ownership of a Membership Rewards card gives you access to the program’s travel benefits, including gaining 2x points on the travel page.

Insurance Options

In addition to collecting Membership Rewards points, the card offers a few additional benefits. You’re going to get car rental insurance and a hotline for roadside assistance for the road warrior. However, if you have a damaged or stolen object or one that you cannot return to the seller, you will have protection from purchase and return.


The Amex Blue‘s drawbacks are that it doesn’t come with welcome rewards or any types of bonus earnings. It’s really a basic entry-level card that you can use to begin with Membership Bonuses.

An Examination Of Amex Blue

Although not the biggest point-earning card out there, Amex Blue is a great starting card that most people will find it easy to get approved for. While there is no welcome bonus, for all your expenses, you can receive 1x points, which will help you get closer to that first prize. If nothing else, it’s a great card to build your credit score so that in the future you can qualify for better credit cards.

The Card’s Alternatives

One of this card’s positive features is that it has no annual fee. Other no-annual-fee cards, however, have much more potential to earn membership rewards points.          

Although not Membership Rewards cards, you may also obtain a card such as the Chase Freedom Card or the Chase Freedom Unlimited Card, all free of annual fees and providing 1.5-5x points in Ultimate Rewards.

Ultimate Reward is a great option to New member Rewards, and with a different set of travel partners offer many of the same benefits. However, if you don’t use travel rewards points, you’re probably better off getting a cash-back card that offers a better rate.


The card has a foreign transaction fee of 2.7%, so using it abroad is not worth the additional fees. This card usually only receives 1x points, although you can gain 2x points through special offers or through the AMEX travel website.

Why get a Blue from American Express?

This is a good card for those who want to start in the world of credit card points, and help establish your rating could also be a good card. This rewards 1x points for all Membership Rewards expenses, but you can also currently earn 2x points through the travel application of American Express. There are no annual charges for this card as well as some extra coverage such as car rental and buy/return insurance.

Amex Blue Cash


The Amex Blue Cash Everyday Card makes it easy to earn cash back where you spend the most, due to its particularly lucrative rate of rewards in supermarkets, gas stations, and select department stores. All without an annual fee. The card is perfect for fans who want to make the most of their purchases and redeem points for statement credits, coupons or merchandise.   

Who’s the best for Amex Blue Cash?

Whoever wants to earn cash back without an annual fee can benefit from this card, but users who spend a lot of money on grocery stores, gas stations, and department stores will make the most of it.

The Amex Blue Cash Everyday ranks out there among the best food cards. But if you spend most of your supermarkets at Target, Walmart, or discount clubs like Costco, you’re only going to earn 1 % cash back on those sales.


            No annual fee: it’s quite popular for cash-back credit cards not to have to pay an annual fee, but this one provides generous reward categories that might keep you ahead of some opposing cards.

            Various opportunities for redemption: You can exchange points for credits for statement gift cards, or merchandise. This makes winning bonuses a lot more fun to have more than one way to redeem your money.

            Higher bonuses in bonus categories: every year it can be beneficial to receive 3% back on up to $6,000 in supermarkets. You will earn $180 in cash back if you max out another category. At gas stations, you will also gain 2 % back and choose department stores that could quickly add up. The average household spends about $2,000 a year on fuel, which could bring you back $40 in cash.


            No choice to redeem travel points: this card does not allow you to pass points to cards that receive American Express Platinum Rewards points to airline or hotel partners like you can.

            Earning caps in bonus categories: it’s great to rack up 3 percent back on U.S. food spending, but don’t forget that this rate applies only to the first $6,000 you spend every year. You’re going to earn 1% back.

            High continuing APR: After 15 months, depending on your creditworthiness, the Blue Cash Everyday Card will pay you a variable APR of 14.49% to 25.49%. If you’re looking to hold a long haul balance, you might want to check for lower-continued APR cards.

How To Get The Most From Amex Blue Cash?

Maximizing the rewards of this card is simple when buying food in typical grocery stores, shopping in department stores, and filling up your car with fuel. Use this card to earn more rewards over time for all your spending on these bonus categories. You can also use this card to spend your regular non-bonus expenses, but combining the Amex Blue Cash Everyday Card with another card that offers more than 1% back on regular purchases may be smarter.


This part is easy when it comes to redeeming your rewards. Since the most bang for your buck is provided by statement credits (1% per point in value), you must redeem points to cover purchases made on your ticket.