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Johnson gave an ultimatum to the EU: Start negotiations or go out without an agreement

New British Prime Minister Boris Johnson sent in his first address to the British Parliament ultimatum to Brussels to re-enter into negotiations on Brexit, or otherwise the UK would come out of the European Union without an agreement.

“We are ready to negotiate, in good faith, an alternative (a Brexite agreement),” Johnson said in addressing parliament members. “We will engage in these negotiations with the greatest possible energy and determination,” added Johnson.

“UK must leave the EU by October 31st”

The new British prime minister said he hoped that European leaders would “think about their current refusal” to renegotiate an agreement regulating British exit from the European Union.

“If that does not work, we will have to get out without an agreement,” Johnson said, adding that he asked his new ministers in the government to make preparations so that their “top priority” would become a departure without an agreement.

The new British prime minister insists Britain leave the EU by October 31, whether or not it will have an agreement with the EU at that time.

Boris Johnson also said that the so-called ” A “backstop”, a borderline solution with Ireland that sought to disable the return of a hard border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, in order to achieve a breakthrough with Brexit.

“It must be made clear that the path to the Brexit agreement is going beyond abandonment,” Johnson told the parliament.

It will not be nominated by the EU commissioner

Johnson also said in his inaugural speech that the United Kingdom would not nominate candidates for the new European Commission despite the fact that it was requested from her as a member state of the European Union.

“We will not nominate EU commissioners under any circumstances,” Johnson told the MPs, adding that the purpose of his decision was not to “stop the European Union in appointing a new Commission.”

Johnson said many British officials were stuck in numerous meetings in Brussels and Luxembourg, and it would be better to deal with the provision of new free trade agreements.

The UK was asked to announce the name of the commission’s candidate despite the fact that it was scheduled to leave the block on October 31, the day before the body began to work.

“Today is the first day of applying a new approach that will end with our departure from the EU on October 31,” the new prime minister pointed out, which insists that the UK must leave the EU by that date, with or without an agreement.

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