Irish Prime Minister: Johnson’s new Brexit agreement is not possible at all

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s proposal for new negotiations on Britain’s EU withdrawal agreement in the coming months “is not possible in real life,” said Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar.

“By listening to his speech, I got the impression that he was not just talking about erasing the backstop, but also talking about a completely new agreement – an agreement better for Britain,” commented Varadkar as Johnson’s first speech as the British prime minister.

“Any suggestion that a completely new agreement can be negotiated in weeks or months is absolutely not possible in reality,” Varadkar said in an interview with RTE television.

“It will not happen,” Varadkar said.

Red line of the European Union

The red line of the European Union will not change and its negotiating position will not change in the face of the planned British exit from the EU on October 31, the Irish prime minister added, referring to the announcement from Johnson’s inaugural speech in which he said he would take Britain out of the European Union 31 October “without but without”, but with “a new, better agreement”.

Varadkar congratulated Johnson on taking over as prime minister, saying he was looking forward to working with Johnson’s cabinet, especially when it comes to the border issue with Ireland, the main issue of brexit.

The Irish prime minister said his British counterpart would have to “add a bit of detail about the slogans and statements” about the brex.

“Confidence and enthusiasm are not substitutes for European politics,” the Irish prime minister said.

An unstable political situation in the United Kingdom

While Johnson said in his speech that he wants to leave the EU and if it does not need it, Varadkar said that it is clear to him that Johnson has no support in the parliament for such a step.

He also suggested that the political situation in the United Kingdom was very unstable, unlike Ireland. “It’s stable in our country,” Varadkar said.

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