The Hilton Honors program covers more than 6000 resorts in one hundred exclusive countries, offering chances to earn and redeem points. The program additionally affords Hilton’s most loyal clients American Express-branded cards and business credit cards that cover a large range of cardholder needs. If you’re a beginner searching for a card that comes with some Hilton perks, you may additionally want to take a look at the Hilton Honors American Express Card. For a no-annual-fee card, it comes with an especially profitable welcome offer, realistic points per dollar spent in the top classes and travel and buy protections.

 This card works for you if you’ve simply become a member of Hilton Honors however haven’t racked up sufficient miles to get the advantages that come with elite status. Or you prefer a Hilton-branded credit card and you’re not pretty prepared to take on one that comes with an annual fee, but you still want some perks and advantages.

Many of the world’s top vacation locations are dotted with Hilton properties. Hawaii, for example, has 20 Hilton hotels. Waldorf Astoria resorts can be discovered in Paris, Dubai, Rome, Key West, United Arab Emirates, Los Cabos, Mexico, among different locations.

 Additionally, the Hilton Honors American Express Card does not charge any foreign transaction expenses on purchases made outside the U.S. (a frequent feature among many credit cards, though note that transaction expenses can still be charged at some ATMs or by way of some merchants).

 Hilton Honors American Express Earnings

 With the Hilton Honors Amex, you’ll earn 7 Hilton Honors points per dollar spent on eligible Hilton portfolio purchases, which include resort stays, on-site restaurants, and spas. You’ll additionally earn 5x points at US restaurants, US supermarkets and US fuel stations, and three points per dollar on the whole thing else. You’d be better off with a distinct choice, and hold in mind that if you use this card outside of the US on dining, supermarkets or fuel, you’ll only earn the lowest points per dollar spent.

 Balance transfer fees and APR

 This isn’t a card you’d prefer to use for balance transfers or revolving a balance on. The Hilton Honors American Express Card fees a 17.24%-26.24% Variable on balance transfers requested inside 60 days of account opening primarily based on your creditworthiness and any other factors. If you have good-to-excellent credit score and rewards aren’t an excessive priority, you can do higher than that with different credit cards that provide 0% APR balance transfer offers for a detailed duration of time and different extra favorable terms.

 The Hilton Honors American Express Card’s APR, at 17.24%-26.24% Variable, is excessive enough to warrant constantly paying your balance in full each month. If you’re a Hilton fan, enjoy your stay, simply be certain to pay off any card balances each month to keep away from having interest prices pile up.

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