Eric Insurance Review 2019: Friendlier Car Insurance?

Insurance is a business that’s all about care, but industry leaders are large and often faceless entities. Eric Insurance claims to be an all Australian company deeply connected to its roots. They understand the needs of the average person and engage them on achievable terms. So in essence, they are not a soulless conglomerate that’s out to take advantage of you. However, they’re not a young naive upstart.

Eric insurance is the re-branded Avea insurance merged with Swann Insurance. Both companies are experienced and solid names in the world of car and motorcycle insurance. As it is its own underwriter, they have a certain degree of freedom in how they function as a company.

Looking at their packages, you can decide if they have benefits at a cost that’s best for you. Even though they are in a focused market, competition is certainly formidable. Other big names like Budget Direct have set a standard in the industry and can sell for less. With that being said, consider that price and benefits aren’t everything. A good reputation can go a long way. After all, would you go with an insurance company that makes you jump through hoops for a claim only to deny you?


Right off the bat we see a very different car insurance website. The look is definitely something you would see on a fashion, photography or even self-help website. It deviates from the usual look of a regular insurance website which is refreshing and annoying in it’s own way. Where can I get a quote and how much are your products worth? Right away you can’t get information that you would rather know right away.

So, what does this mean? Majority of insurance companies are able to give you an idea of the cost and benefits of their product on their front page. Eric Insurance does not have this kind of approach. Instead, they introduce their company philosophy via a lovely animated video. It highlights how they are different innovative thinkers and affirming that their goal is not to be a corporate giant. In addition, they want to establish a reputation of delivering quality products, customer service and long relationships.

However, the lack of functionality on their website prevents new customers from setting up and buying a policy from them online. All of the policy is there to see, but to make a purchase and get an initial quote, you need to contact someone first. Because there’s a lack of automation, you will have a harder time making a price comparison.

On the other hand, their approach means that there’s someone you can talk to before making a decision. You can discuss your needs more specifically and then make a purchase through an agent. And because Eric insurance has a lot of products you can choose from, it will definitely help.

Eric Insurance Products

While many insurance providers offer products with reduced benefits, Eric goes the other way. Their Comprehensive Cover package includes key features usually found in high premium policies. The following below is a list of items on top of a basic cover.

  • Replacement of New Vehicle
  • Emergency Travel
  • Essential Repairs
  • Hire Car After Theft
  • Keys and Locks
  • Funeral Benefit
  • Personal Property
  • Towing
  • Trailer
  • Transit Cover
  • Transfer of Vehicle

There are more than just a few interesting additions to a usual package. One that is quick to gravitate towards is replacement and repair. Repair and replacement is what most people expect from a comprehensive policy. In this case, Eric Insurance has the same level of standard when it comes to amount covered. They already include theft, fire and accident damage to their comprehensive option and automatically give you the best option possible.

Funeral benefit is an option that’s not usually found with other providers. The $2000 dollar limit can definitely help with funeral costs, but other insurance products are better suited. It’s a bit strange to include this in a car insurance plan, especially when it doesn’t add that much value overall.

Specific Need Products

If you look at the comprehensive insurance plans of other companies, you can see that Eric’s is not so different. They offer a little bit of extra value and benefits, but that’s about it. Eric Insurance shines through the other products it offers that cater to specific needs. You cannot usually find these products from other providers and they help protect people that financed their car.

Eric Insurance takes into account that comprehensive does not really protect everything. Your situation changes when an accident happens. But that’s not the only thing that can change. Getting sick or losing your job makes it that much more difficult to catch up on car payments. Eric addresses the problem with four products. They are Loan Termination Insurance, Total Assist Insurance, GAP insurance, and Financial Protection Insurance.

Although each one meets a specific need, they target your own finances. Very few, if any other, car insurance company covers your own vehicle related loan. Look at your car from a financial stand point. You use it everyday, but it also devalues. You might never get in a car accident, but it will get older. With age comes more risk. And in the event of a Total Loss, you will have a hard time getting a new car without a little financial aid. Eric helps bridge that gap.

Why choose Eric Insurance?

You can get mixed feelings from the products Eric offers. And you can even say that it might be too costly. The products do cover a lot, but that only means a higher premium. Your monthly costs will go up for some savings down the line. What are the things you can weigh?

On the positive side, it’s definitely comprehensive. You will pay for value and you will get value. In most cases, that’s really a good deal. At a time when things are financially difficult, Eric will have you covered.

On the other hand, you might be paying for services you won’t actually need. Always remember that budget is always a major factor and you don’t need to be greedy for value.

Eric Insurance coverage would be best for you if your car is an asset in your everyday life that is steadily losing value. If you think they’re offering a policy that’s best for you, then go get in touch with them.

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