Ensuring Brexit to happen on time

Only a reliable un-cooperative plan that can’t be stopped by either the EU or Parliament will result in the exit of Britain from EU by October 31, 2019. Also, a reliable person will be ensuring Brexit to happen on time. And the new prime minister of Britain must implement this policy with rigorous belief and dedication. His first journey overseas should be to the US to kick-start the UK-US Free trade deal to demonstrate his assistance for Global Britain.

As the biggest ever list of applicants to submit their names as the next British Prime Minister has been narrowed down to the final two, it is evident that we are in dire risk of confirming Einstein’s concept of insanity – doing same thing over and over again and anticipating a distinct outcome.Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt said they wouldnegotiate a new withdrawal agreement and its outcomes & exit the EU on 31st October with a ‘ deal ‘.They also want their deal to be approved from the parliament. They both are considered to have the potential of the position of PM. Also, they are also good negotiators. However, there are some differences in their ideologies. Johnson does not believe much in the withdrawal agreement and want to procure only a few features of the agreement. On the other hand, Hunt wants to delay the exit from EU for a short time period so as to attain a ‘better’ deal. 

The current Prime Minister can ensure Brexit to happen on time

The Brexit will not happen and everything will be in a haphazard unless the new PM of the UK possesses a better strategy to leave EU. The political scientists usually refer it as a non-cooperative solution. This is something that the EU cannot prevent if it is not prepared to collaborate in generating an alternative that helps both parties to be content with the agreement.

This implies that the WA will not be the reference point for any discussions with the EU.The EU states it will not negotiate this and it stays totally undesirable to the majority of the Britishers.Martin Howe QC, the chairman of lawyers for Britain, says that the Britain’s Prime Minister should collaborate with the EU & negotiate a withdrawal agreement for the greater good of the nation.

In any case, the Withdrawal Agreement does not in any meaningful sense offer a ‘ deal ‘ about a future relationship. For instance, there are no negotiations about the services sector that account for 80 percent of UK’s GDP. Trade in facilities will be discussed after the EU exits the UK. It is totally weird for MPs to oppose to exiting the EU without a good deal when the Withdrawal Agreement itself includes exiting the EU without a deal.The PM needs to strike a balance between the two opposing parties of Britain.

The Prime Minister should present a non-cooperative alternative or solution to define both the conditions. The one condition under which it will exit the EU and the other condition under which it will trade with the EU in the future. And he or she has to do so in a way that the EU can’t avoid.

The non-cooperative solution has three steps

The very first step for the new prime minister is to reiterate that the safe Brexit set out in the Lancaster House speech will be enforced by October 31, 2019. This is reliable and does not involve the approval of the EU.In combination with this, the current Prime Minister should immediately discuss with the US President that Britain will eagerly put efforts to swiftly reach a US-UK Free Trade Agreement (FTA).This is a reliable step and does not involve EU permission once the departure of Britain happens from the EU.The PrimeMinister can create significant strides in setting the phase suitable for it in post-Brexit talks over the few weeks that remain before 31 October.

The second step is to lay out a fresh Departure Statement on how the main problems associated in separating from the EU will be addressed: citizens ‘ liberties, transition deal and the border issue between Northern Ireland and the Republic.The PM can ensure the freedoms of EU citizens residing in the UK by discussing it in the Withdrawal Agreement.

The third & final step is to issue a Future Relationship Statement stating out the conditions on which the UK will agree to negotiate and collaborate with the EU. Again, this must be done in a way that the EU cannot block or oppose it.

No matter when the Brexit happens, the Prime Minister has a lot of responsibilities on his or her shoulders. For a Brexit to happen on time & also which is not harmful for the nation is a huge task. This can be achieved only by a fairly responsible person.

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