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Bupa Pet Insurance Policy Values 2019

Pet ownership is on the rise in Australia. As many have come to own dogs, cats and many other animal companions more concerns come to light. Veterinary expenses are not a niche concern. The costs can get very high as pet health issues are not as well known as human medical needs. To help alleviate the rising costs of owning a pet, insurers like Bupa Pet Insurance offer value packages.

Just like any other insurance company, there is a standard that needs to be met. What you know to be true for normal human insurance is the same for pets. In this case, you can expect to find options for accidental injury, illness and routine care and maintenance.

Bupa Pet Insurance offers three different packages applicable to cats and dogs. They have a basic, a standard, and an ultimate package. The value of each will depend on how much you are willing to spend annually. What are your expectations when it is time to make a claim?

It is always important that you choose the best policy for yourself and your pet. So, let’s get into it.


To begin with, basic is the cheapest package that you can get from Bupa. It covers accidental injury and an 80% cover on all vet bills. Additionally, you will get a $300 annual limit on consultation and vet bills and a $2600 limit on ligament conditions. This is the same across the board for each of the higher-priced packages.

While budget-friendly, accidental injury covers a wide range of risk events. It can even include wounds the animal gets from a fight. More importantly, it can cover accidental injury caused to it by motor vehicles. Car accidents are one of the most well-known risks to a pet. Who can imagine their pet in speeding traffic?

An accident is bad, but even the basic plan gives some peace of mind. The $6,000 annual benefit gives you some comfort knowing that you can get sufficient care. Depending on your situation, you can potentially pay less than $20 a month.

Other kinds of accidents covered include snake bites and burns. However, this level of the policy does not include tick and flea bites.

Bupa Pet Insurance


With a little bit more to pay each month, the standard offers the best value for money. Although it lacks a few things, it gives adequate compensation. The main selling factor of Bupa’s standard coverage is that it also protects against illnesses. However, there are key features that make this a good value policy.

Standard protects against any illness or disease not covered by accidental injury. This includes infectious diseases, hereditary illness, skin condition, and cancer. Some breeds of dogs or cats are predisposed to having a hereditary illness. Your pet could be one such breed of animal. Get your dog or cat tested and find out. You should not wait for symptoms to develop. More importantly, you risk additional costs to your premium.

Bupa Pet Insurance also starts offering more specific features at this level. You can get cancer treatment, ear/eye conditions, and gastrointestinal problems without additional fees. Although skin conditions are included in the package, it is separated by a $500 sub-limit.

An optional feature that you can get with the standard is Routine Care Benefit for up to $200 a year. By getting this option, you are covered for de-sexing, microchips, heartworm control/prevention, and flea/tick/worm control. Blood and urine tests, vaccinations and other health checks are also included with the optional feature.  


Although this is the best the Bupa Pet Insurance has to offer, it’s not the best value for money. Ultimate includes all the other features available to the cheaper products. It has little more to offer except for a few specific additions.

Understandably, the annual benefit goes up to $20,000. Should you choose not to add more to the package, you essentially have the same as the standard policy. The monthly payment cost of Ultimate is not that far off from Standard at first glance. However, the slight price increase becomes more noticeable from an annual perspective.

Ultimate is where you have the option to get dental coverage and alternative treatment benefit for your pet. The dental coverage comes with a $500 sub-limit, and covers a range of illnesses.

Other companies don’t normally cover alternative treatment. This is a unique benefit to Bupa Pet Insurance that comes at a heavy price. You can get up to $1000 benefit if your pet needs physiotherapy and physical therapy. However, you can also get coverage for chiropractors, acupuncture, and hydrotherapy. Each of these has a sub-limit of up to $400.

To summarize, ultimate is a really good package. It gives a great annual benefit and doesn’t cost much more than standard. However, getting all the benefits will make it cost so much more.

Bupa Pet Insurance Additional Benefits

Bupa Pet Insurance

You simply cannot ignore the additional features that Bupa Pet Insurance offers as they can really make a difference. They provide an added level of convenience that few other companies offer. If you travel overseas with your pet, you’ll be happy to know that Bupa has cover for that too. Pet Overseas Travel Expense and Emergency boarding are a couple of the options available at an extra charge.

Finally, another optional benefit worth mentioning is Essential Euthanasia. No pet owner ever wants to consider this and it can be a painful added cost. It lightens the situation in the future, so it’s worth it.

Why Bupa Pet Insurance?

Bupa Pet Insurance policies definitely offer a lot of value at each tier. Deciding which one is best for you is key to saving a lot of money in the future. A new pet owner with a younger pet could opt for the cheapest option and get the basic package. You can even do more research and get a cheaper provider if you can find one with comparable benefits. In the budget option, Bupa is one of the many affordable products.

The standard policy is definitely where Bupa pet insurance shines in terms of value for the amount spent. The optional benefit makes it a little bit expensive, but it’s only just an option.

Finally, the additional optional benefits you may get from the ultimate package sets Bupa apart from a lot of competitors. This could be the best policy you can get your pet knowing its specific needs. Take this policy if you know the potential medical expenses in the future. It might be costly now, but your furry companion is worth it.

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