Bingle Car Insurance Review 2019

Car insurance is an essential need for every car owner. No matter what part of the world you drive, you must have car insurance. In Australia also, a plethora of car insurance service providers are active. Today let us discuss Bingle Car Insurance. Before moving to the Bingle car insurance review, let me clear the basic facts about car insurance.

What is Car Insurance?

Car insurance or auto insurance is a contract between the car owner and the insurance provider. According to the contract, the insurance provider will cover the monetary loss of the car. In return, the car owner has to pay the insurance premium for a certain period.

Car insurance covers the monetary loss against all the unavoidable risk to the car. It includes accident cover, theft, property damage, and other subsequent liabilities. Almost in every country, car insurance is a must for the car owner by law.

Why Do I Need Car Insurance?

Insurance provides monetary security against unpredictable instances. Since the events are unpredictable, it is impossible to know the loss beforehand. When the losses are short, it is easy to bear the expense. What if, the loss is huge and beyond your financial capacity?

At those crucial times, car insurance comes in handy. It is the assurance that even in a disaster, the car owner needs not to worry about the money. The car insurance companies are there to bear the monetary losses.

Why Do I Need the Bingle Car Insurance Review?

As I said, in the market there are numerous car insurance companies. Alone in Australia, domestic motor insurance covers the largest segment of the general insurance category. With so many companies, it is necessary to understand the pros and cons of every car insurance provider.

The Bingle car insurance review helps you to understand the benefits and effects of car insurance. You also get to know the need for having the Bingle car insurance against other insurance providers.

Bingle Car Insurance Review:

Bingle is the part of the famous Suncorp Group in Australia. With many awards and prizes in its arcade for the cheapest and valuable car insurance packages, it is a premium brand.

Bingle provides online insurance. It is hassle-free, easy to buy, and famous for the fastest online claim. As one of the most affordable car insurance companies in Australia, Bingle offers exclusive facilities to its customers.

Features of Bingle Car Insurance:

  • Bingle provides both comprehensive and third party property car insurance.
  • It has won 2017, and 2018 Money Magazine’s best of the best car award in the cheapest car segment.
  • Additionally, Bingle is also the winner of the 2017 Canstar Outstanding Value in Car Insurance.
  • The 2017 MOZO Experts choice for Low-Cost Car Insurance Award also went to Bingle.
  • Bingle operates online and has no sales centers and support. This reduces the costing of the company and hence it provides low-cost car insurance.
  • The car insurance policy is simple and streamlined. It saves both your time and money.
  • Bingle awards drivers with a good drive history. If a driver has not claimed the insurance for the last 3 years, Bingle offers a 24% discount on the policy.
  • It has round the clock claim service. So even in the odd hours, you can claim the insurance for the car.
  • According to 41% of people in Australia, Bingle car insurance costs $1.60 or less a day.

What Are the Comprehensive and Third-party Car Policies of Bingle?

Bingle Car Insurance Review

While doing the Bingle car insurance review, it is necessary to talk about the two main features of Bingle. The third-party property damage policy covers the monetary loss when you damage someone else’s property. The comprehensive policy covers fire, theft, and nasty damage with other added benefits.

Comprehensive Car Insurance by Bingle:

In comprehensive insurance, Bingle covers any accidental loss or damage to your car. The damage can be an accident, storm, theft, fire, hail or any malicious damage. Additionally, it also includes towing, storage cost, and emergency accommodation.

Policy Features:

  • Bingle car insurance covers all kinds of accidental damage. It also covers damages because of natural disasters, theft, and malicious damage.
  • It covers towing and storage costs in an emergency.
  • Bingle also covers emergency travel, accommodation cost and repairing of the vehicle.
  • The car owner can get the optional covers for windscreen and window glass.
  • The company also covers up to $20 million in legal liabilities.
  • In Bingle, the claim process is online and easy
  • The company offers a lifetime repair guarantee.
  • Car owners can choose flexible premium payment options.
  • Bingle offers the cooling-off periods for 21-days

Third-Party Property Damage Insurance by Bingle:

Third-Party Property damage means by accident when you damage the other’s property by your car.

Policy Features:

  • The company covers up to $20 million of legal liability.
  • The claim process is easy and online.
  • Also, the cooling-off period is for 21 days.
  • The car owners get the flexible premium payment option.

Should I Pay Excess for the Bingle Car Insurance Policy?

Yes, in some cases, the car owner has to pay excess for the Bingle car insurance. Here are the cases.

  • The standard excess depends upon the city you live in. It applies to all claims and costs range from $650 to $795.
  • If the driver, at the time of the accident, is under 25 years of age, the age excess applies. The excess amount is $600 and it is in addition to the standard excess.
  • If a driver, at the time of the accident, is not the listed driver on your policy, you need to pay an extra $1,950. This is applicable to an unlisted household member or unlisted regular driver excess.


Bingle car insurance review helps you to understand the features and benefits of the insurance cover. Car insurance in Australia is easy and has many added benefits. So, next time, when you need to buy car insurance, our Bingle car insurance review will surely help you.

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