Business credit cards are highly customizable, unlike their small business counterparts. Your Amex corporate credit card rewards will be largely based on the decisions you make with your bank when it comes to Visa and MasterCard. But American Express issues corporate cards directly, so you can do more front-end comparison than you could with a Visa or MasterCard otherwise.

While Amex corporate credit cards are usually aimed at large corporations, small businesses with solid revenue and good credit may also want to look for a corporate card. Ultimately, these cards will help you manage employee expenses, plus they provide benefits and bonuses that could ultimately save money from your company.

Who Applies From Amex For Business Cards?

Corporate cards are mostly scaled-up versions of the personal and business charge cards from Amex, designed to meet the needs of a larger business. It ensures that Amex allows the company to produce some profits, although their business credit cards are generally more available to smaller businesses.

To receive a corporate card, these conditions must be met by your company:

– Being at least 12 months in business

– Do more than $4 million in annual income

– Have a business address outside the home

Amex Corporate Credit Card Benefits

Since Amex has similarly planned their business cards, they all share a set of basic benefits and rewards.

Starting with the Membership Rewards program of Amex, holders of the corporate card can receive one point per dollar spent. A number of online vendors (including eBay, JustGiving, and Ticketmaster), gift cards, and travel will redeem points earned at checkout. Point amounts for redemption vary from 0.5 cents per point to one cent per point, with most forms of redemption being equal to 0.7 cents per point.

For three of Amex corporate credit cards, entry into this program is mandatory and costs $90 per cardmember per year. However, this fee for Platinum Cardholders is waived. The Business Extra card also has its own unique rewards structure, which does not carry any additional program fees.

Other standard benefits

Business travel accident insurance: although the actual value varies from card to card, each card offers travel insurance for accidental death and dismemberment.

24/7 Access to Global Assistance Hotline: If you’re more than 100 kilometres away from home in an emergency, you’ll have access to a 24-hour hotline. Sample ways to help this hotline include referrals to doctors, dealing with a lost wallet, and legal advice.

Baggage insurance plan: Cardholders receive protection for eligible lost, damaged or stolen baggage while buying transportation through their Amex corporate card. Again, the exact coverage value varies with each card.

Mobile Apps: Cardmember accounts operate with several mobile apps, including account management’s American Express app, receipt recording cost it pro, and travel management’s TripCase.

Service to Roadside Assistance: All Amex corporate cards provide a connection to a hotline on the roadside to help with various issues, including towing, flat tires, and jump-starts.

24-Hour Customer care: If a cardholder wants a replacement card or has doubts about benefits, they can call the 24-hour customer service line of Amex free of charge.

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